coilmasterCoilmaster specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of electronic products, including power wafer inductors, SMT power components, wire wound ceramic chips, wound ferrite chips, multilayer ferrite chip arrays, multilayer ceramic chips, chokes, common mode chokes, line clamp filters, chip beads, cooling fans, and beads. Operating from locations in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, Europe, and the USA, Coilmaster is renowned for its professional-grade SMD power inductors, high-current inductors, choke coils, power choke coils, molding power chokes, and unshielded power inductors. With a wealth of experience, Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading power inductor manufacturer in Taiwan, offering durable quality and competitive prices. Additionally, Coilmaster supplies transformers across various industries.

Coilmaster's product portfolio includes a broad array of magnetic components such as filters, chokes, inductors, and transformers, aimed at satisfying diverse customer requirements. The company continues to innovate by developing small high-current power inductors featuring lower DCRs and higher currents, as well as common mode chokes with improved core materials for enhanced efficiency.

Their offerings encompass surface mount power inductors, high-current inductors, SMD toroidal power inductors, common mode chokes, chip beads, EMI filters, line filter chokes, through-hole inductors, LAN magnetics, air core RF inductors, high-frequency transformers, current sensing transformers, and planar transformers.

Coilmaster's magnetic products find applications in various markets including computer, communication, instrumentation, industrial, and medical sectors.

In summary, Coilmaster is a trusted provider of a wide range of electronic components and electrical products, delivering high-quality solutions to meet the needs of diverse industries worldwide.
Coilmaster products

CoilMaster inductor chips:

    • Multilayer Thick Film Chip Resistors
    • CoilMaster EMI Components
    • CoilMaster Power Inductors


  • Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads
  • Shielded SMT High Current Power Inductors
  • Through Hole Common Mode Choke
  • Multilayer Ceramic 3-Terminal EMI Filter