IBS Electronics, Research & Developement

The design center, where your conceptual ideas for system designs metamorphose into your unique products. Specializing in swiftly translating our customers' concepts into functional prototypes is our forte. Our adept design engineers intricately assemble these prototypes, ensuring optimal performance through a series of rigorous functional tests.

Our approach initiates with the creation of simplified models, evaluating aspects such as ergonomics and size. Subsequently, we meticulously assess the cost-effectiveness and performance of specific components to determine the most suitable options. Allow us to be your trusted partner in system design, guiding you through the development of your distinctive products.

IBS Electronics excels at efficiently supporting your innovative designs. We provide a spectrum of offerings, including catalog products and custom design services. Our experienced sales, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff are ready to collaborate with you. Together, we'll identify and provide solutions to fulfill all your electronic needs throughout your system's life cycle.

Whether you require pre-production or experimental components, IBS Electronics possesses the capability to design and manufacture fully functional prototypes for your business. IBS Electronics offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing initial consultations, electrical design, electrical drafting, and procurement, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution for our clients. As a service distributor, we specialize in providing electronic components, technology products, and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance, and repair. We continuously strive to integrate the latest products and services into our offerings.