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IBS Electronics, Inc. is focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market from design chain to supply chain. IBS Electronics introduces hundreds of new products each month and supports innovation by supplying engineers with the newest products, technologies and resources.

News Bulletin

Introducing Greenconn Automotive Connectors

Bourns Releases New BMS (Battery Management System)Signal Transformers

Selecting The Right Power Supplies

Ametherm showcase Special PTC and NTC Thermistors

IBS Electronics Signs Distribution Agreement with Lite-On

Faratronic World supplier of film and metallized film capacitors

Fair-Rite Ferrite Products for the Electronics

Automotive Electronic Components

CHIPS Act of 2022

CoilMaster : Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies

High power ELCON connectors

China lockdowns: A nightmare for supply chain

Geehy Semiconductor

Ametherm ntc thermistor probe assembly with ring lug

More Supply Chain Disruptions

Ametherm Thermistor for LED Lighting, PFC, and Power Supply Applications

Panjit Launches New Bridge Rectifier DXK Package

BAV99 in Different Varieties by Diotec Semiconductor

Viking's Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistor


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

SCHURTER's New DG12 Series Power Entry Integrates an IEC Inlet, Circuit Breaker and Mains Filter

New Mean Well Power Supplies

C&K Introduces Industry-First NanoT Series

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

VITROHM CRP Series : Very High Pulse Duty Wirewound Coated Resistors

Coronavirus Impact, Supply Chain Suppliers Update

Oupiin High Speed Transmission Card Edge Solution

Amtek launches a full range of spring clip

Cal-Chip : Shortage Solution Found

Tariff Information

Osram's new Malaysian LED chip plant

LEDtronics DLC-Listed Linear High Bay LED Lights are a Sleek Solution for Indoor High-ceiling Applications

ETAL Delivers Excellence in Magnetic Components at PCIM 2019

Diotec Semiconductor Diodes

Intersil to Start Operations as Renesas Electronics America in January 2018

Lightning Fast AI with GPUs

LEDtronics New Series of UL-Recognized LED PLL Lamps are Their Most Affordable to Date!

Samtec - High quality connectors

Marl Bay Range Leds

IBS Electronics and Marl International Announced Distribution Agreement

IBS Electronics and Kemin Electronic Co., Ltd Announced Distribution Agreement

Nexperia's New Compact Automotive Power MOSFET

CUI Ultra-Compact Ac-Dc Power Supplies

LEDtronics All-Weather Filament-look LED String Lights Run Circles around the Incandescent Competition

Electronic Assembly uniTFT Display Modules

Hon Hai ranks as largest contract tablet assembler worldwide

Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives for Industrial Component Assembly from Pacer Technology

Diptronics, a design/IP centric model with a high degree of customisability

Cooltron New Products

LEDtronics Introduces its new industrial-grade Led Lighting

LEDtronics Introduces DLC-listed LED Canopy Lighting

New Ametherm High-Accuracy NTC Disc Thermistors Offer R25 From 4 Ω to 150 kΩ and Tolerances to 1 %

CUI Introduces New Dc Fan Line with Superior Performance

Microchip Introduced Low Power Chips

Now Hiring: Sale Managers

The Internet of Things: The next growth engine for the semiconductor industry

Happy ThanksGiving from IBS Electronics

IBS Electronics is now the reading distributor for RTI Electronics Surge Guard

Authorized Global Distributor for Magnacraft/Shneider Electric

Demand for MEMS Heats Up in 2016

A nice 19% yearly growth is predicted for a market that reached $2.2B, and volume growth will be even more impressive, with 17.5B units expected by 2018, up from 4.5B in 2012.
In assessing the size and potential of the MEMS market, Technavio estimates that it will reach $20.26 billion (USD) by 2020 by growing at a CAGR of nearly 12%.

No longer relegated to the science lab or engineering workbench, MEMS have become fairly commonplace within the electronics industry and those sectors that rely on them. MEMS (speakers, oscillators, chemical sensors, switches, auto-focus, etc.) will ramp up in volume almost overnight, just as pressure and humidity sensors did in the past few months.

Happy 4th of July from IBS Electronics, Inc  

To all Valued Customers: On behalf of IBS's management and staff, we wish all of you, our valued customers, a very happy and safe Fourth of July.

Please be advised that IBS Electronics will be closed on Thursday July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

We will reopen on Friday, July 5th to accommodate all of your needs.

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