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Since inception in 1988, Hi Tech Resistors Pvt Ltd, popularly known as HTR in the electronics industry worldwide, has grown to become one of the leading resistor manufacturers in the world with presence in 35 countries through a network of representatives and distributors, worldwide.

HTR produces over a hundred thousand wire wound and low ohm current sense resistors everyday in a wide variety of mounting and housing configurations.

Amongst the very few ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified resistive device manufacturers in the world, HTR has a strong presence in the automotive sector through its range of HVAC and ECS (Electronic Control Systems) resistive devices.

HTR is one for the first companies to use the automotive ‘Product Part Approval Process’ methodology for industrial applications in which quality is always ‘built in at source’.

HTR now has the ability to offer techno-economic customized resistive devices for a wide range of applications.


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HTR WireWound Resistors Distributor

  • WireWound Resistors (Silicon Coated)
    • HIA - Axial Industrial grade - MIL Sizes.
    • HTA - Axial, Industrial grade - JSS / IEC Sizes.
    • VHIA - Axial, Industrial grade.
    • HFA - Axial, Commercial, F/Glass Core.
    • HIP - PCB style, Industrial grade.
    • HFP - Plug in style, F/Glass Core.
    • HIR - Lug style, large power dissipation
    • RSR - Lug style, low resistance / high current
    • HSR - Capacitor discharge symmetry resistors.

HTR Wire wound Resistors Distributor

  • HTR Wire wound Resistors (Ceramic Encased)
    • HCA - Axial, Cement type, General Applications.
    • HCV - Vertical, Cement type, Fitted with heatsink mounting bracket.
    • HCW - Axial, Cement type, Industrial Applications, pulse applications.
    • HEA - Axial, Ceramic Square tube style, General application.
    • HSVA - Axial, Ceramic housing with slit.
    • HSVAU - Axial / Vertical dual style ceramic housing with slit.
    • HSV - Vertical, Ceramic Housing with Slit for mounting support.
    • HCP - Horizontal PCB style - Cement type.
    • HCL - Lug terminations, Cement type with bracket.
    • HMV - Flat Vertical mounting, with Ceramic stand - Off.

HTR Current Sense Resistors Distributor

  • HTR Current Sense Resistors (Ceramic Encased)
    • RL - Axial Round Ceramic Tube - Low inductance.
    • HCAL - Axial, Cement type, Low inductance.
    • HEAL - Axial, Ceramic square tube style, Low inductance.
    • HMVL - Flat vertical mounting, low inductance types.
    • BR - Slim type, Metal Plate, Low inductance type.

HTR Current Sense Resistors Distributor

  • HTR Current Sense Resistors (Open Frame)
    • OA - Open frame-Axial.
    • OP - Open Frame, PCB style.

HTR Surface Mount Resistors Distributor

  • HTR Surface Mount Resistors(Ceramic Encased)
    • HSVAS - Surface Mount, High Power Wire Wound Ceramic encased.
    • HSVALS - Surface Mount, Current sense Ceramic encased.
    • RLS - Surface Mount, Round ceramic tube, low inductance.
    • HCAS - Surface Mount, Wire wound - 2W & 3W.
    • HCALS - Surface mount, Current Sense type - 2W & 3W.

HTR Surface Mount Resistors

  • Surface Mount Resistors (Silicon Coated)
    • HIAS - Surface Mount.

HTR Fusible Resistors Distributor

  • Fusible Resistors (Silicon Coated)
    • FRS - Axial, flame retardant.
  • HTR Fusible Resistors (Ceramic Encased)
    • FRC - Cement bath tub fusible type.
    • Resistors of Series K, wound on fiber glass core, have a special internal direct contact to virtually eliminate resistance changes caused by varying, often high temperatures.
  • Wire wound resistors (Silicon Coated)
  • Wire wound resistors (Ceramic Encased)
  • Current sense resistors (Ceramic Encased)
  • Current sense resistors(Open Frame)
  • Surface mount resistors (Silicon Coated)
  • Surface mount resistors (Ceramic Encased)
  • Fusible resistors (Silicon Coated)