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Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Components:

Mechanical Products Parts:

  1. Circuit Breaker
  2. Connectors
  3. Fans
  4. Hardware
  1. Magnetics Ferrite Cores and Bobbins
  2. Optical Fiber Cable
  3. Relays & Delay Line
  1. Switches
  2. Thermal Conductor & Heat Sinks
  3. Wire & Tubing

IBS Electronics is Global source for Electronic parts and components IBS Electronics is a worldwide distributor of electronic mechanical and electro-mechanical components. IBS Electronics distributes and is a specialist in sourcing electronic mechanical parts and electro-mechanical components globally. IBS Electronics is a leader in the distribution of electro-mechanical components. We provide flexible order minimums, superior product availability, and attentive customer service to our customers.

  1. Audio Devices
  2. Encoders
  3. Circuit Breaker
  4. Connectors
  5. Fans
  6. Hardware
  7. I/O Modules
  8. Knob & Dial
  9. Magnetics Ferrite Cores and Bobbins
  10. Motor & Drive
  11. Optical Fiber Cable
  12. Relays & Delay Line
  13. Switches
  14. Thermal Conductor & Heat Sinks
  15. Wire & Tubing
 Circuit Breaker

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 Electronic Hardware

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Audio Devices Top

I/O Modules Top

 Magnetics Ferrite Cores and Bobbins

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 Optical Fiber Cable

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  • General Cable*
  • Genesis
  • Showa Electric*
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 Relays & Delay Line Top


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  • Alco Switch*
  • AMP *
  • Arrow-Hart*
  • Bourns
  • Canal*
  • Cherry
  • C & K
  • Cooper Wiring Devices
  • Dreefs*
  • Grayhill
  • E-Switch
  • H.H. Smith*
  • JAE Electronics
  • ITT
  • Marquart
  • Omron *
  • Panasonic
  • Schurter
  • Siber America*
  • Switchcraft
  • Tyco

 Thermal Conductor & Heat Sinks

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 Wire & Tubing

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Motor & Drive
  • Applied Motion
  • Digilent
  • ebm-papst
  • Genteq*
  • Parallax
  • Schneider

Electronic mechanical components, often referred to as electromechanical components, are devices or parts that combine electrical and mechanical functionality. These components are used in a wide range of applications, from simple everyday devices to complex industrial machinery. They convert electrical signals into mechanical motion or vice versa, making them integral to various systems and electronic devices. Here are some common examples of electronic mechanical components:

  1. Relays: Relays are switches that are operated electrically. They use an electromagnet to control the flow of electrical current. Relays are used to control high-voltage circuits with low-voltage signals. They are crucial for tasks like switching on and off electrical devices, protecting circuits, and signal amplification.

  2. Solenoids: Solenoids are coils of wire that generate a magnetic field when an electric current passes through them. This magnetic field causes a plunger or rod to move, creating linear motion. Solenoids are used in various applications, such as door locks, valves, and starter motors in vehicles.

  3. Motors: Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Common types include DC motors, AC motors, and stepper motors. Motors are found in everything from household appliances and industrial machinery to vehicles and robotics.

  4. Switches: While primarily electrical components, switches have mechanical components that control electrical connections. These can include toggle switches, push-button switches, and rotary switches, among others. Switches are used to turn devices on and off, select modes, and control various functions.

  5. Actuators: Actuators are devices that create mechanical motion or force in response to an electrical signal. They are used in various applications, such as opening and closing valves, controlling robotic arms, or moving the lens in a camera for focus adjustment.

  6. Potentiometers: Potentiometers, or "pots," are variable resistors with a rotating or sliding control. They are used to adjust the electrical resistance in a circuit, which can control the volume of audio devices, the brightness of displays, or other parameters.

  7. Microswitches: Microswitches, also known as snap-action switches, are small, sensitive switches that respond to very slight physical pressure. They are commonly used in applications like push-button switches in appliances and limit switches in industrial equipment.

  8. Stepper Motors: Stepper motors are a type of electric motor that moves in precise, incremental steps. They are used in applications where precise control of position and speed is required, such as 3D printers and CNC machines.

  9. Encoders: Encoders are devices that convert rotary or linear mechanical motion into electrical signals. They are often used for position feedback in motors and machinery, allowing precise control and monitoring of movement.

  10. Gears and Mechanical Linkages: Mechanical components like gears, levers, and linkages are used to transmit motion and force from one part of a system to another. They are essential in mechanical systems, including those with electronic control.