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ETAL group is a manufacturer of magnetic components for the automotive, telecom, defense, and power technology industries. Specifically, ETAL develops and manufactures electronic transformers and inductors to an international market. ETAL also operates the Anaview brand, which develops and manufactures Class-D audio amplifiers.

Standard Products

  • Laminated and Ferrite Line Matching Transformers
  • ISDN and xDSL Components
  • High Impedance Pick-Off Transformers
  • Current Sense Transformers
  • Filters
  • Powerline Carrier Transformers
  • Power Inductors
  • RF, Moulded, and Common Mode inductors

Custom Products

ETAL also manufactures high-end custom designs and products for customer-specific requirements. These products are not only cost-effective but environmentally friendly as well. The range of the products goes as follows:

  • Signal Transformers
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • LAN & xDSL Modules
  • Power Transformers and Inductors
  • Power Filter Inductors
  • Planar Transformers, Inductors and Modules
  • Can Bus Chokes


ETAL also manufactures precision products for defense industries. With their application-specific designs, ETAL also manufactures for offshore applications. Their magnetic components are recognized for highly reliable capabilities and high-tensile strength.

Audio Transformers

With the ETAL team’s combined knowledge and expertise of audio class-D amplifiers and magnetic components, they now offers audio transformers such as:

  • THD <2% @ max power & full bandwidth
  • Frequency range of +/- 1 dB from 30 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Insertion loss <0.5 dB

Order With IBS Electronics

ETAL customers come from a variety of different industries, and IBS Electronics can help find the right solution for you. Telecom clients are typically large industrial companies who use ETAL components in infrastructure, such as base stations and core network applications. Industrial applications include manufacturers of handheld tools, to large-scale automated power distribution networks. For the defense and aerospace industry, ETAL is considered a highly reliable product. ETAL magnetic components may weigh anywhere from a few grams to 100 kilograms, making them a versatile and flexible choice


  • Line Matching Transformers
  • Surface Mounted-7mm seated height
  • Power Inductors
  • Others Custom Products

ETAL Group is a leading supplier of magnetic components for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defense industries. The Group develops and manufactures qualified electronic transformers and inductors to a world-wide market.

ETAL Group is a leading supplier of magnetic components for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defense industries. Under the Anaview brand, ETAL also develops and manufacture high-end class D audio amplifiers. ETAL's products are sold to demanding customers around the globe.

Characteristics:(Ferrite Chip Beads)



Etal Product Range:

Line Matching Transformers:
Section 1 Through Pin:
Classic encapsulated:
P1200 V.32bis
P1165 V.34 low profile
P2602 Centre tapped P1200
P3034 V.34
P3065 Low Profile to V.34 plus
P2001 V.34 & V.90
P3126 EN50020 certified P1200
P3146 V.90
P3156 V.90 low profile
P3166 V.90
P3176 V.90
P3357 Encapsulated P3356
Low cost unencapsulated:
P3189 V.22bis & Voice
P3302 V.90/V.92
P3303 V.22bis for AMD SLAC
P3324 V.22bis & Voice
P3355 V.90/V.92
P3356 V.90
P5011 V.90/V.92
P5056 V.90/V.92
P5097 V.90/V.92
Low cost - drop in replacement:
P3800 V.32bis
P3801 V.34 & V.90
P3410 V.34 & V.90
P3311 V.90
P3335 V.90
Surface Mount 7 mm seated height:
Section 2:
P3188 V.22bis
P2781 V.32bis
P2782 Centre tapped P2781
P3081 V.34+
P3191 V.34 low distortion
P3181 V.90
P3000 2-4 wire hybrid to V.90
Sub 5mm seated height for PC Card and SM applications:
P3690 series ultra low distortion for V.90 applications
P3700 series V.90
P3580 series V.90 low real estate
High Impedance Pick Off Transformers:
Section 3:
P1727 1:2.162 Ratio
P2152 1:1.732 Ratio Z>50kW
P2769 1:1 ratio Z>30kW SMD
P3127 EN50020 Certified Pick Off
P3190 Pick Off Transformer - Surface Mount
Digital transformers (ADSL,ISDN, T1/E1, etc.):
Section 4:  
P2880 ISDN So Basic rate transformer
P2881 ISDN So Basic rate transformer
P2883 Low profile ADSL transformer (1:1 or 2:1)
P2884 Low profile ADSL transformer (2:1)
P2910 EMC Quad Choke
P3020 ISDN So Interface Module
P3022 ISDN So interface module (Siemens)
P3023 ISDN So interface module (Motorola)
P3024 ISDN So interface module (Siemens)
P3900 ADSL Transformer (Alcatel)SMD
P3901 ADSL Transformer (Alcatel) SMD
P3902 ADSL Transformer (Texas Instruments) SMD
P3903 ADSL Transformer (Texas Instruments) SMD
P3904 ADSL Transformer (Analog Devices) SMD
P3905 ADSL Transformer (Analog Devices)SMD
P3906 ADSL Transformer (Conexant) SMD
P3907 ADSL Transformer Alcatel) SMD
P3908 ADSL Transformer (Globespan) SMD
P3909 ADSL Transformer (Analog Devices) SMD
P3910 ADSL Transformer (Centillium) SMD
P3911 ADSL Transformer (Virata)  SMD
P3920 HDSL Transformer (Conexant)
P3930 ADSL Transformer (Conexant)  TP
P3931 ADSL Transformer (Conexant) TP
P3932 EP13 ADSL over POTS
P3933 ADSL Transformer (Lucent )  TP
P3934 EP13 ADSL over POTS for ADI AD20msp390
P3936 EP13 ADSL over POTS ( Legerity)
P3937 EP13 ADSL over POTS for Alcatel MTK-20450
P400X E1 line interface transformer
P4020 ISDN Uko interface transformer
Billing Tone Filters:  
Section 5:  
P2335 16kHz Metering Signal Filter (Germany)
P2622 12kHz  Metering Signal Filter (Switzerland)
P2692 16kHz - universal match
P2895 12kHz - universal match
Powerline Carrier Transformers:  
Section 6:  
P2820 40-90kHz Band
P2821 95-125kHz Band
P2822 125-140kHz Band
P2823 140-148.5kHz Band
P2824 125-140kHz Band
Special Products:  
Section 7:  
P3143 Telephone handset loop current driver

Cross Reference

The main application of Transformer is to Step up ( Increase) or Step down (Decrease) the level of Voltage. ETAL is a leading supplier of magnetic components for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defense industries. 

Line Matching Transformers:

  • P3189 Voice and data to V.22bis
  • P3324 Voiceand data to V.22bis
  • P3166 V90 upgrade for P2001/P3034
  • P3356 V.90/V.92

Surface Mounted-7mm seated height:



  • P2880 Microprofile ISDN So Isolating Transformer
  • P2881 So interface Transformer
  • P2910 Microprofile ISDN Quad Choke

Power Inductor:

  • P7600 High Power Inductor
  • P7601 High Power Inductor
  • P7602 Shielded Power Inductor
  • P7603 High Power Inductor
  • P7604 High Power Inductor
  • P7605 Power Inductor
  • P7606 Ultra low Profile Power Inductor
  • P7607 Shielded Power Inductor
  • P7608 Ultra High Power Inductor
  • P7609 Power Inductor
  • P7610 Ultra Low Profile Power Inductor


  • High Impendance pick Off transformers
  • Power line Carrier Transformers
  • Billing Tone Filter
  • Custom Design Modules
  • PC Cards(PCMCIA)- Sub 5mm seated height

Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
P3189 ETAL P3189 Telecom Transformer v.22bis 25,161 8.3600
P2824 ETAL P2824 Telecom Transformer 0 4.0000
P3801 ETAL P3801 Telecom Transformer V.34+/V90 5 4.8000
P3181TR ETAL P3181TR Low Distortion Telecom Line Matching Transformer ( 1 : 1.1 ) 1,445 9.3200
P2781 ETAL P2781 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis 48 7.1400
P1165 ETAL P1165 Line Matching Telecom Transformer v.34 1,003 9.1900
P3000 ETAL P3000 Telecom Transformer v.90 / v.92 2 7.1400
P3181 ETAL P3181 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.90 / v.92 15 7.4100
P3191 ETAL P3191 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis SMT RoHS 0 6.5000
P3324 ETAL P3324 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer V.22BIS 0 6.7300
100smd ETAL 100SMD Line Matching Transformer 0 9.1000
9035 ETAL 9035 Transformer 0 5.1100
P2769 ETAL P2769 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer 0 8.2500
9856 ETAL 9856 Transformer 5 8.2500
9025 ETAL 9025 Transformer 0 7.1000
P2152 ETAL P2152 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer 5 8.2500
9004 ETAL 9004 Transformer 0 7.1000
300SMD ETAL 300SMD Transformer 0 7.1000
320SMD ETAL 320SMD Transformer 0 7.1000
P9003 ETAL P9003 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer v.34 5 7.1000
P1727 ETAL P1727 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer 0 6.8000
P7614-0603-6R8M ETAL P7614-0603-6R8M Inductor 0 7.0000
P7614-0603-8R2M ETAL P7614-0603-8R2M Power Inductor 50 7.0000
P2782 ETAL P2782 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer 0 6.8300
P2782TR ETAL P2782TR Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis 1,113 6.5000
P3800 ETAL P3800 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.34bis 3 5.2300
P3900 ETAL P3900 Telecom ADSL Transformer 0 5.5000
P3410 ETAL P3410 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis RoHS 0 5.2300
P5056 ETAL P5056 Transformer 3,005 3.9600
P5122 ETAL P5122 Transformer 0 3.9700
P7636-1205-R33M ETAL P7636-1205-R33M Inductor 5 4.9700
P7636-1205-R56M ETAL P7636-1205-R56M Inductor 5 4.9700
P7636-1205-R47M ETAL P76361205R47M Inductor 5 3.9700
P3065 ETAL P3065 Low Profile Line Matching Transformer v.34 500 8.8900
P2001 ETAL P2001 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.34bis 1,665 9.1000
P2781TR ETAL P2781TR Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis 1,000 7.3600
P3188TR ETAL P3188TR Line Matching Telecom Transformer 1,000 7.3600
P3356 ETAL P3356 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis 0 7.6900
P1200 ETAL P1200 Line Matching Transformer 678 7.1000
P3188 ETAL P3188 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis 4 7.5600
P5011 ETAL P5011 Transformer 5 4.4100
P5230 ETAL P5230 Transformer 60 1.2500
P5231 ETAL P5231 TRANSFORMER SMD V.22BIS RoHS 66 7.0000
P5233 P5233 ETAL Transformer 5 3.7000
P8002 ETAL 8002 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer Bulk Through Hole 3 7.0000
P2602 ETAL P2602 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer FOR V.32bis / V.22bis 411 7.8900
P3432TR ETAL P3432 TR LINE MATCHING Telecom Transformer 0 7.1200
P3191TR ETAL P3191TR Telecom Transformer V.22 V.34 RoHS 0 6.2200
100SMDTR ETAL 100SMD TR Line Matching Transformer 0 5.0000
P3081 ETAL P3081 Telecom Transformer 0 7.2500
P7646-0603-3R3 P7646-0603-3R3 ETAL Inductor 3.3uH SMD 0 0.0000
P7101 ETAL P7101 Moulded Wirewound CHIP Inductor 0 0.9900
P3081TR ETAL P3081TR Line Matching Transformers 0 7.2500
P3176 ETAL P3176 Transformer 500 4.5000
P6140 P6140 ETAL PLANAR POWER Transformer 0 5.0000
P520X P520X ETAL Transformer 0 0.0000
P7101-5650-2R2KT ETAL P7101-5650-2R2KT Wirewound Inductor 0 0.9900
320SMDTR 320SMDTR ETAL Line Matching Transformer 1,500 5.0000
P2647 ETAL P2647 Isolation Transformer, Line Matching 0 10.0000
303993 303993 ETAL DC/DC Transformer 1 0.0000
P2602_03 P2602_03 Etal Line Matching Transformer 0 7.4500
306294 306294 ETAL Choke Coil 100mH Radial 0 0.0000