Kulite Semiconductor Products

Kulite SemiconductorKulite Semiconductor Products Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, USA, was founded in 1959 with a focus on designing and manufacturing components for both commercial and military aircraft applications. The company specializes in solid-state semiconductor pressure sensors utilizing piezoresistive technology. Notably, Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. was a pioneer in producing the first commercially available silicon-based strain gauge in the early 1960s, a significant advancement that led to the development of the Semiconductor Wheatstone bridge Pressure Sensor.

With a portfolio boasting over 400 patents, Kulite excels in creating custom and standard products, including pressure sensors, engine sensors, and transducers engineered to endure extreme and challenging environmental conditions across diverse global industries. Their offerings span from generic models to tailored solutions, accommodating low-volume orders as well as specialized requests and specifications.

Kulite is committed to quality and holds several certifications attesting to their dedication, such as ISO, FAA, EASA, and CAAC certifications. These endorsements underline Kulite's reputation as a reliable provider of high-performance semiconductor products designed for demanding applications worldwide.

Kulite is a global leader in pressure transducer technology serving high tech industries worldwide. Kulite is the first name in pressure transducers for scientists and engineers working at the cutting edge of research and design in their fields.


As a worldwide innovator and leader, Kulite has both the vision and expertise to create transducers and pressure scanners for a myriad of industries, applications and environmental conditions.

Along with offering many variations to a wide-range of generic models, Kulite will produce low volume quantities and customize any product to conform to specific requests and requirements for your application. Kulite’s state-of-the-art world headquarters are located just outside of New York City in Leonia, New Jersey. All products are made in the USA.

The showcased Kulite Pressure Transducers are standard models that fulfill basic requirements. Each standard model offers numerous variations with minimal cost impact. However, the majority of Kulite Transducers are tailored to meet specific individual needs. If you cannot locate a product that aligns with your requirements, kindly complete an APPLICATIONS REQUEST FORM.

Kulite Pressure Scanners

KMPS Series

The KMPS series pressure scanners are centered around the 16-position KPM-1-16 scanner module. These modules house 16 individual sensors, each read by two 24-bit analog-to-digital converters. All signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion occur within the module to minimize noise and enhance reliability. Digital data is then transmitted to a central microprocessor for digital correction using coefficients stored on each module, enabling easy user configuration for different tests. When a new module is plugged into a scanner, it automatically retrieves data from onboard memory and initiates data acquisition without user programming. Different modules of varying ranges or pressure types (absolute or gauge) can be accommodated on the same scanner. The microprocessor outputs digital data via Ethernet or RS-485. All scanners in the KMPS series operate over an extended temperature range of -65°F to 255°F (-55°C to 125°C).


The KMPS-1 pressure scanner, tailored for wind tunnel and flight test applications, employs up to 4 KPM modules, providing a total of 64 channels. It offers various pressure port configurations for seamless integration into existing systems and features an optional pneumatic purge.


Developed for the flight test market, the KMPS-2 boasts a rugged aluminum enclosure with pneumatic quick connects for effortless installation and removal. It includes a heater to prevent icing and an optional motor for electronic purging activation. Enhanced EMI and ESD protection make it suitable for the demanding flight test environment.


Also designed for flight test applications, the KMPS-3 features rugged aluminum enclosures with pneumatic quick connects for easy installation and removal. It includes a heater to prevent icing and an optional motor for electronic purging activation. Furthermore, the KMPS-3 is water-resistant, suitable for installation in exposed environments, and offers additional EMI and ESD protection for flight test operations.


Tailored for wind tunnel installations, the KMPS-4 features KPM modules remote from the main electronics board, allowing installation throughout a wind tunnel model. Connection is facilitated by a thin ribbon cable, extending up to 10 feet.


The KMPS-6A is engineered for use in environments with potential explosive gases (Class I Div II, ATEX Zone 2). It maintains a positive pressure within a purged interior and offers 64 individual quick connects for easy installation of stainless steel tubing in industrial environments. A single input line, switched using solenoids, allows routing of control pressures with minimal lines to the KMPS-6A.

Kulite Config

Configuration of all KMPS series scanners is accomplished using the Windows-based Kulite Config Program. This allows users to set scanning speed, address (IP or RS-485), and other configurations. Kulite Config also facilitates firmware updates for the KMPS, recommended to ensure access to the latest features.

Kulite DAQ

Kulite DAQ enables simultaneous data acquisition from multiple KMPS scanners (both Ethernet and RS-485) and supports scanner calibration.