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MediaTek logoMediaTek is a prominent Taiwanese semiconductor company that specializes in designing and marketing system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for various electronic devices, particularly in the fields of wireless communications, multimedia, and connectivity. Established in 1997, MediaTek has grown to become one of the leading players in the global semiconductor industry.

MediaTek Inc. engages in the research, development, production, manufacture, and marketing of multimedia integrated circuits (ICs) in Taiwan, rest of Asia, and internationally. It also provides computer peripherals oriented, consumer-oriented, and other ICs for various applications. In addition, the company offers design, test runs, maintenance and repair, and technological consultation services for software and hardware solutions; and sale and delegation patents and circuit layout rights for its ICs products. In addition, it provides research, marketing, and technical services; intellectual property right management services; and general investing services. MediaTek Inc. was incorporated in 1997 and is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of SoCs for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart home devices, wearables, and automotive applications. MediaTek is known for its innovative approach to SoC design, incorporating advanced technologies to deliver high-performance, energy-efficient solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers and industry partners.

One of MediaTek's notable achievements is the development of the world's first octa-core smartphone platform with LTE connectivity, which showcased the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. MediaTek's CorePilot technology, designed to optimize the performance of multi-core processors, further solidified its position as a key player in the mobile chipset market.

Beyond mobile devices, MediaTek has expanded its presence in other sectors such as smart TVs, where it provides cutting-edge solutions for delivering immersive multimedia experiences. Additionally, the company offers connectivity solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling seamless communication and interoperability in connected ecosystems.

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MediaTek operates research and development centers, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices worldwide. The company's global footprint allows it to collaborate closely with customers and partners to deliver innovative solutions that drive technological advancements and enrich the lives of consumers around the world.
MediaTek Microprocessors

Featured Products

MediaTek Genio 510 IoT Application Processor (MT8370)

MediaTek Genio 510 IoT Application Processor (MT8370) is a highly integrated, powerful platform designed for various Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases requiring high-performance edge processing, advanced multimedia, and connectivity capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, connected touchscreen displays, and the use of a multi-tasking High-Level Operating System (HLOS). The highly-capable octa-core application processor utilizes the Arm® DynamIQ™ technology by combining high-performance Cortex-A78 and power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores equipped with Arm Neon™ engine.

MT8370 offers the necessary processing power to support OpenOS, along with demanding applications such as web browsing, email, and games. Content can be enhanced by the 2D/3D graphics accelerator (Arm Mali-G57 MC2 GPU) and then visualized on a high-resolution touchscreen display. To provide advanced multimedia applications and services such as streaming audio and video, the device features multi-standard video encoder and decoder engines, and an advanced audio subsystem.

The AI Processor Unit (APU) enables deep learning, Neural Network (NN) acceleration, and Computer Vision (CV) applications. The latter, combined with up to a 32MP camera, can clearly and accurately perform AI-vision functions such as facial recognition, object identification, scene analysis, optical character recognition, and much more. An extensive set of interfaces, connectivity, flexible storage, and memory options further enhance the capabilities of the MediaTek MT8370 and give product designers the freedom to customize.


  • Leading 6nm chip design
  • Octa-core CPU
    • Dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A78 processor
    • Quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processor
  • Up to 8GB of quad-channel memory
  • Integrated Mali-G57 GPU to support a dual display and AV1/H.265/H.264 codec
  • Single-core AI Processor Unit (APU) Cadence®
  • Tensilica®VP6 processor with AI Accelerator (AIA)
  • Single-core Cadence HiFi 5 Audio Engine DSP
  • Image processing
    • 32MP at 30fps for single camera capture
    • 16MP + 16MP at 30fps for dual camera capture
  • Display output supporting FHD60 + 4K60 resolution
    • Video
      • 4K encoding at 30fps with HEVC/H.264
      • 4K decoding at 60fps with AV1/VP9/HEVC/H.264
    • Flexible high speed I/O interface to support WiFi-6 and 5G Sub-6 modules
    • I/O support
      • 1x PCIe Gen 2
      • 1x USB 3.1
      • 2x USB 2.0 OTG/host
      • 1x Giga Ethernet MAC
    • Supports Android/Linux Yocto/Ubuntu OS
    • -20°C to +95°C temperature range
    • MFC-VFBGA package
    • RoHS compliant


  • Smart retail
    • Digital signage
    • Desktop POS (Point-of-Sale)
  • Smart home
    • Fitness
    • Smart home appliances
    • Industrial
      • Edge AI
      • IoT gateways
      • Human-machine interface (HMI)


MediaTek Genio 510 IoT Application Processor (MT8370)


Block Diagram - MediaTek Genio 510 IoT Application Processor (MT8370)