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PANJIT International / PANJIT Semiconductor is a well-known semiconductor company that specializes in the manufacturing of various electronic components, including diodes, transistors, and other semiconductor devices. Founded in 1986, PANJIT manufactures Zener diodes, surface mount rectifiers, glass passivated rectifier chips, glass passivated junction rectifiers, plastic passivated junction rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor, semiconductors, and related products. In recent years, PANJIT has expanded their product offering, launching the SiC Schottky devices in 2015. As of late, PANJIT is placing greater emphasis on quality; this has earned them environmental certifications and supplier quality awards. PANJIT also conforms to various Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards.

Diode Rectifiers & Schottky Series

A diode is a simple semiconductor device which allows current flow in one direction but not the other. Different from regular diodes, rectifier diodes can handle a higher current flow and are used to change alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). PANJIT offers multiple styles of rectifiers, from general purpose, to fast and super fast recovery rectifiers. In addition to rectifiers, PANJIT offer protection devices, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and transient voltage suppressors (TVS).

PANJIT’s Schottky Rectifiers provide low forward voltage losses, which can improve power efficiency and low leakage current for more stability of the reliability. Other components in the Schottky series include small signal signal schottky, which is applied to signal controller or rectification products; power schottky, used in switching rectification application in power products; and super schottky, which provides a very low forward voltage to decrease the breakdown current.

A One-Stop Solutions Distributor

At IBS Electronics, we have over 30 years of experience in the electronic component business. We operate a global sourcing and warehouse network, with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Through our low market prices, ISO certification, and commitment to quality, we can ship PANJIT equipment to any part of the world. We’ll consolidate your shipments and even work on custom solutions for you. Contact us for your next project.


Panjit Business Products:
Protection Device TVS/ESD Arrays
Small Signal Mosfet
Small Signal Switching Diodes
Small Signal Schottky Diodes
Small Signal Bipolar Junction Transistors
General Purpose Rectifiers
Fast Recovery Rectifiers
Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers


  1. Computer
  2. NoteBook, PC
  3. Mobile
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Consumer
  6. Digital Camera
  7. LCD TV
  8. MP3/4/5
  10. Industrial

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Panjit Load Dump Protection TVS

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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)
GBJ2010 PANJIT GBJ2010Bridge Rectifier 20A Glass MCC/LT DIP 0 0.0000
SM4007_R2_100A1 PanJit SM4007_R2_100A1 General Purpose Switching Diode 1kV 1A SMD SOD-123FL 125,000 0.3200
CP604 PANJIT CP604 Diode Bridge Rectifier 6A 400V 0 0.5800
BAV21W Panjit BAV21W Diode 0.2A SOD-123 0 0.0000
1N4007.. Panjit 1N4007 Diode 1KV 1A 2-Pin DO-41 T/R 0 0.0000
RS1M PanJit RS1M Switching Diode 1KV 1A SMD DO-214AC 7,500 0.3000
S2G PanJit S2G DIODE 2.0A 1000V 2PIN 0 0.0000
BAS21S_R1_00001 PanJit BAS21S_R1_00001 Switching Diode 250V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 RoHS 12,000 0.1800
RS1G. PanJit RS1G Diode Switching 400V 1A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0000
1SMB3EZ100 PanJit 1SMB3EZ100 SSurface Mount Silicon Zener Diode 200Volts 3 Watts DO-214AA 0 0.0000
SS16 PanJit SS16 Schottky Barrier Diode 60V 1A DO-214 40 0.4200
SS14. PanJit SS14 DIODE SKY SS14 40V 1A SMA RoHS 0 0.3600
UF1010 UF1010 PanJit Ultra Fast Rectifier Diode 1kV 1A DO-41 Package 0 0.3000
P6SMBJ15CA_R2_10001 PanJit P6SMBJ15CA TVS Diode 12.8VWM 21.2VC SMD SMB 0 0.1500
FL406 PANJIT FL406 Bridge Rectifier Diode 600V 4A M1F Through Hole 0 0.2500
2N7002K Panjit 2N7002K MOSFET 60V 0.3A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
1N4148Wzz Panjit 1N4148W Diode 100 V 150mA SOD-123 0 0.0000
1N4148WS Panjit 1N4148WS Diode 75 V 150mA SOD-323F 20 0.1200
1N4007zz Panjit 1N4007 Diode Standard Rectifier 1A 1KV DO-41 0 0.0000
GS1010FL Panjit GS1010FL Diode 1KV 1A 2-Pin SOD-123FL 0 0.0000
LS4148.. Panjit LS4148 Diode 100V 0.3A MiniMELF 0 0.0000
BAV70.. Panjit BAV70 Diode 70V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT23 0 0.0100
2N7002KDW Panjit 2N7002KDW Transistor 60V 340mA SOT-363-6 0 0.0000
MMBT3904 Panjit MMBT3904 Transistor 40V 200mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0100
BAV99.. Panjit BAV99 Diode 70V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAT54C Panjit BAT54C Diode 30V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
GS1MW Panjit GS1MW Diodes 1A 60V DO-214AC 0 0.0000
BAT54AW-L Panjit BAT54AW-L Diode 30V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT23 0 0.0000
PS1010R Panjit PS1010R Diode 1A 1KV DO-41 0 0.0000
GLZ5.6B Panjit GLZ5.6B Zener Diodes 5.6V 3% 500mW Mini-melf 0 0.0000
LL4148... Panjit LL4148 Small Signal Switching 100V 0.15A Mini-MELF 0 0.0000
2N7002 Panjit 2N7002 MOSFET 60V 0.115A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAT54CW Panjit BAT54CW Diode 30V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT323 0 0.1200
SS1060VHEWS Panjit SS1060VHEWS Diode SOD-323HE 0 0.0000
BAV21WS Panjit BAV21WS Diode 250V 0.2A 2-Pin SOD-323 0 0.0000
1N4004 Panjit 1N4004 Diode 400V 1A 2-Pin DO-41 0 0.0000
RB500V-40 Panjit RB500V-40 Diode Small Signal Schottky 45V 0.1A 2-Pin 0 0.0000
SS1040 Panjit SS1040 Diode 1A 40V SOD123FL 0 0.0000
PJSD05TS Panjit PJSD05TS TVS Diode 25KV 2-Pin SOD-523 0 0.0000
GS1M Panjit GS1M Diode Switching 1KV 1A 2-Pin SMA T/R 0 0.0000
BAT54A Panjit BAT54A Diode 30V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0160
2N7002DW Panjit 2N7002DW Transistor 60V 0.115A 6-SC-70 0 0.0000
BAV99S Panjit BAV99S Diode 100V 0.2A 6-TSSOP 0 0.0000
LL4448 Panjit LL4448 Diode 100V 0.15A MiniMELF 0 0.0000
MMBD7000 Panjit MMBD7000 Diode 100mA 100 Volt SOT-23 0 0.0000
UF108 Panjit UF108 Diode Switching 800V 1A 2-Pin A-405 0 0.0000
GS1G Panjit GS1G Diode Switching 400V 1A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0000
1N4148-34_AY_10001 1N4148-34_AY_10001 PANJIT Rectifier Diode 100V 500mW DO-34 10,000 0.0850
1N5406_R2_10001 Panjit 1N5406 R2 10001 General Purpose Rectifier Diode 600V 3A DO-201AD Axial 0 0.0000
1N4148_R1_10001 PANJIT 1N4148_R1_10001 Diodes 1N4148 100V Axial RoHS 0 0.0000
1N5819_R2_10001 PANJIT 1N5819_R2_10001 Schottky Diode SR140 40V 1A DO-41 2PIN 0 0.0000
UF108_R2_10001 UF108_R2_10001 PANJIT Diode, Ultrafast, 1A, 800V DO-41 RoHS 0 0.0000
GS1AWG_R2_10001 PANJIT GS1AWG_R2_10001 PanJit Rectifier 50->1000V 1A SMA(W) 0 0.0000
GBU6J Panjit GBU6J General Purpose Bridge Rectifier 600V 6A GBU 4Pins 800 0.6000
LL4148_R1_10001 LL4148_R1_10001 PanJit Semiconductor Diodes 100V 0.15A 2-Pin Mini-MELF 0 0.0000
RS1004FL PANJIT RS1004FL FAST Diode 1A 400V Package-2 0 0.0000
SB1100 PANJIT SB1100_R2_10001 Diode Schottky 100V 1A 2-Pin DO-41 0 0.0000
UF104 PANJIT UF104_R2_10001 Diode UFR UF104 400V 1A DO41 0 0.1500
UF204 PANJIT UF204_R2_10001 Ultra Fast Recovery Diode UF204 400V 2A DO-15 RoHS 0 0.2800
UF804 PANJIT UF804 DIODE TH UFR UF804 400V 8A TO220AC RoHS 0 0.0000
PJD7NA65_L2_00001 PJD7NA65_L2_00001 PANJIT SINGLE N-CHANEL MOSFET 650V/7A TO-252AA RoHS 0 0.0000
ZMM5257B_ R2 _10001 ZMM5257B_ R2 _10001 PanJit Diode Zener Single 33V 5% 500mW 2-Pin Mini-MELF T/R 0 0.0000
PJSOT05_R1_0001 PANJIT PJSOT05 _R1 _0001 DIODE TVS 5.0V SOT23 0 0.0000
BZT52-B7V5S BZT52-B7V5S _R1 _00001 Panjit Zener Diode 7.5V SOT323 0 0.0000
PJSOT05C_R1_0001 PJSOT05C_R1_0001 Panjit Diode TVS 5.0V SOT23 0 0.0000
PJSOT12_R1_0001 PJSOT12 Panjit Diode 12.0V SOT23 0 0.0000
SD103AW_R1_00001 SD103AW _R1 _00001 Panjit Diode 40V 0.35A SOD-123 0 0.0000
GDZJ6.2A_AY_10001 GDZJ6.2A _AY _10001 PANJIT DIODES ZENER 6.2V 500MW 2% TO-252 0 0.0000
SR22_R1_00001 SR22 _R1 _00001 PANJIT Schottky Diode 20V 2A 2-SMA 0 0.0000
P6KE250A_R2_10001 Panjit P6KE250A_R2_10001 TVS DIODES 600 WATT 250V DO-15 0 0.2000
SB380_R2_10001 SB380_R2_10001 PANJIT DIODE TH SB380 DO-201A D 80V 3A ROHS 0 0.0000
BAS70 PANJIT BAS70 Diode Schottky 70V 0.07A Automotive 3-Pin TO-236AB SOT-23 0 0.0000
GDZJ6.8A_R2_10001 GDZJ6.8A _R2 _10001 PanJit Zener Diode 500mW DO-34 0 0.0000
P6KE220A_R2_10001 P6KE220A_R2_10001 Panjit DIODE TVS TH P6KE220A 400W 200V DO15 RoHS 0 0.0000
UF102 UF102 PANJIT Fast / Ultrafast Diode 200V 1A DO41 0 0.0000
MMSZ5239B_R2_00001 MMSZ5239B_R2_00001 PanJit Diode Zener 9.1V 5% 500mW 2PIN 0 0.0200
ZMM55-C3V0_R1_10001 ZMM55-C3V0 _R1 _10001 Panjit DIODE ZENER 3V .5W MINI-MELF RoHS 0 0.0000
PJGBLC03C_R1_00001 PJGBLC03C _R1 _00001 PANJIT EMI Filter TVS 15KV 2-PIN SOD-323 0 0.0800
SX34_R2_00001 PANJIT SX34_R2_00001 Diode Schottky 40V 3A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0750
SX36_R2_00001 PANJIT SX36_R2_00001 Diode Schottky 60V 3A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0784
GLZ5.6B_R1_10001 GLZ5.6B_R1_10001 PANJIT ZENER DIODES 5.6V 500mW MINI-MELF T/R RoHS 0 0.0000
ZMM55-C5V6 PANJIT ZMM55-C5V6 Zener Diode 0.5W 5.6V 5% MiniMELF 0 0.0000
P6SMBJ15CA_R2_00001 P6SMBJ15CA_R2_00001 Panjit TVS Diode 600W 18V SMB 3,000 0.2000
GBU6J_B0_10001 PANJIT GBU6J_B0_10001 Bridge Rectifiers 6A Bridge Rectifier 600V 0 0.3596
GBU6JS GBU6JS PANJIT Bridge Rectifier, 6A 600V, 4-Pin GBU 0 0.0000
GBU6K GBU6K PANJIT Bridge Rectifiers 6A 800V GBU 0 0.0000
DB3_AY_10001 DB3 _AY _10001 PANJIT DIAC-THYRISTOR DIAC 36V 100mA 2-PIN DO-35 0 0.6000
MMSZ5244B_R1_00001 Panjit MMSZ5244B _R1 _00001 Zener Diode Single 14V 5% 500mW 2-Pin 21,000 0.0200
BAT43W_R2_10001 BAT43W_R2_10001 PANJIT SCHOTTKY DIODES 200MA 30V RoHS 0 0.2500
MMBD7000_R1_00001 Panjit MMBD7000 _R1 _00001 Diode 100mA 100V 0 0.0000
BAV21W_R1_00001 Panjit BAV21W _R1 _00001 Diode 250V 0.2A 2-Pin 0 0.0000
DL4744A_R2_10001 PanJit DL4744A_R2_10001 Diode Zener 15V 5% 1W 2-Pin 0 0.0000
BAV99S_R1_00001 Panjit BAV99S _R1 _00001 Diode 100V 0.2A 0 0.0000
BAV99_R1_00001 BAV99 _R1 _00001 Panjit Diode 100V 0.15A 3-Pin 0 0.0000
GDZ5.6C_AY_10001 GDZ5.6C _AY _10001 PanJit Diode Zener Single 5.6V 500mW 2-Pin 0 0.0000
GDZJ5.6C_AY_10001 GDZJ5.6C_AY_10001 PANJIT DIODE 5.6V, 0.5W DO-34 RoHS 0 0.0000
BC817-40W_R1_00001 BC817-40W_R1_00001 PanJit Transistor NPN 45V 500mA 200mW SOT323 0 0.0000
MMSZ5252B_R1_00001 MMSZ5252B _R1 _00001 PANJIT Diode Zener Single 24V 5% 500mW 2-Pin SOD-123 T/R 0 0.0200
PJD25N06A_L2_00001 PJD25N06A _ L2 _00001 PANJIT MOSFET 60V N-Channel TO-252AA 0 0.1200
GS1J_R2_00001 GS1J T/R13 PanJit Diode 600V 1A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0000
MB10F-10_R2_00001 MB10F-10 R2 0001 PANJIT Bridge Rectifiers 1000V 1A 4P SMD 0 0.0000
GS1010FL_R1_00001 GS1010FL _R1 _00001 PANJIT DIODE 1A 1000V SOD123FL RoHS 0 0.0400
P6SMBJ6.5CA_R2_00001 P6SMBJ6.5CA _R2 _00001 PANJIT TVS DIODES 600W 6.5V SMB RoHS 0 0.1100
UF2G_R2_00001 UF2G _R2 _00001 PanJit Diode Switching 400V 2A SMB 0 0.0000
1SMB3EZ36_R1_00001 1SMB3EZ36 _R1 _00001 PanJit Diode Zener Single 36V 5% 3W 2SMB 0 0.0000
SS10100FL_R2_00001 SS10100FL _R2 _00001 PanJit Diode Schottky 100V 1A 2-Pin SOD-123FL 0 0.0000
1N4148WS_R1_00001 1N4148WST/R7 PanJit Diode Switching 100V 0.2A 2-Pin SOD-323 0 0.0000
MMBT3904_R2_00001 MMBT3904 _R2 _00001 PANJIT Transistor 40V 200mA SOT23 0 0.0000
RB208_B0_10001 RB208 _B0 _10001 PANJIT Diode Rectifier 800V 2A RB-10 0 0.0000
SB340_AY_00001 SB340 _AY _00001 Panjit Diode Schottky 40V 3A 2-Pin DO-201AD 0 0.0000
SB340_AY_10001 SB340 T/R Panjit Diode Schottky 40V 3A 2-Pin DO-201AD 0 0.0000
MMBT3904_R1_00001 MMBT3904 _R1 _00001 PanJit Trans GP BJT NPN 40V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
MMBT3904_R1_000Z8 MMBT3904/TR Panjit Transistor BJT NPN 40V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BR320_R2_00001 BR320 _R2 _00001 PanJit Diode Schottky 200V 3A 2-Pin SOD-123FL 0 0.0000
SS1040HE_R1_00001 SS1040HE _R1 _00001 PanJit Schottky Diode, 40V 1A, SOD-123 0 0.0000
BAT54C_R1_00001 BAT54C Panjit Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
SD103AWS_R1_00001 SD103AWS PanJit Schottky Diode 40V 0.35A SOD-323 40,000 0.0000
MMSZ4709-V_R1_00001 MMSZ4709-V _R1 _00001 PanJit Diode Zener Single 24V 5% SOD-123 0 0.0000
P6SMBJ28A_R2_00001 P6SMBJ28A _R2 _00001 PanJit Diode 600W 28V DO214AA 0 0.0000
P6SMBJ7.0CA_R2_00001 P6SMBJ7.0CA _R2 _00001 PanJit TVS Diode 7V DO-214AA 0 0.0000
BAT54WS_R1_00001 BAT54WS _R1 _00001 PanJit Schottky Diode 0.2A 30V SOD323 0 0.0000
BC857B_R1_00001 BC857B _R1 _00001 PanJit Transistor PNP 45V 0.1A SOT666 0 0.0000
RB751V-40X_R2_00001 RB751V-40X_R2_00001 PanJit Schottky Diode 40V 0.03A SOD-323 0 0.0000
1SMB3EZ12_R1_00001 1SMB3EZ12T/R7 PanJit Zener Diode 12V 5% 3W 2-SMB 0 0.0000
1SMB3EZ5.6_R1_00001 1SMB3EZ5.6 _R1 _00001 PanJit Zener Diode 5.6V 3W 2-Pin DO-214AA 0 0.0000
1SMB3EZ8.2_R1_00001 1SMB3EZ8.2 _R1 _00001 PanJit Diode Zener 8.2V SMB 0 0.0000
BAS16-AU_R1_00001 BAS16-AU _R1 _00001 PanJit Switching Diode SOT-23 0 0.1800
P6SMBJ5.0A_R1_00001 P6SMBJ5.0A T/R PanJit Diode TVS 5V 600W 2-SMB 0 0.0000
1SMC5349_R2_00001 1SMC5349-R2-00001 PanJit Zener Diode Single 12V 5W SMC 0 0.0000
US1D_R1_00001 US1D _R1 _00001 PanJit Rectifier 1A 200V DO-214AC 43,200 0.0000
US1K_R1_00001 US1K _R1 _00001 PanJit Diode Rectifier 800V 1A SMA 14,400 0.0000
SK54_R2_00001 SK54 _R2 _00001 Panjit Schottky Diode 5A 40V DO-214AB 0 0.0000
ES1J-T/R ES1J-T/R Panjit Diode Switching 600V 1A SMA 7,200 0.0000
ES1J_R1_00001 ES1J _R1 _00001 Panjit Rectifier Diode 1A 600V SMA RoHS 0 0.0000
BAT43W_R1_00001 BAT43W _R1 _00001 Panjit Schottky Diode 30V 200mA SOD-123 0 0.0000
SB140_B0_00001 SB140 _B0 _00001 Panjit Schottky Diode 40V 1A DO-41 0 0.0000
SB140_R2_00001 SB140 _R2 _00001 Panjit SchottkyDiode 40V 1A DO-41 0 0.0000
SB260_AY_10001 SB260 _AY _10001 Panjit Schottky Diodes 60V 2A DO-15 0 0.0000
SS1040_R1_00001 SS1040 _R1 _00001 PanJit Schottky Diode 40V 1A SOD-123 0 0.0000
UF3010G_AY_00001 UF3010G _AY _00001 Panjit Ultra Fast Switching Rectifier 3A DO-201AD 0 0.0000
BAT54S_R1_00001 BAT54S _R1 _00001 PanJit Schottky Diode 30V 0.2A TO-236-3 0 0.0000
GDZ9.1B_AY_10001 GDZ9.1B _AY _10001 Panjit Zener Diode 15V 3% 500mW DO-35 0 0.0000
GLZ3.3B_R1_10001 GLZ3.3B _R1 _10001 PanJit Zener Diode 0.5W 3.3V Mini-MELF 0 0.0000
S210_R1_00001 S210 _R1 _00001 Panjit Schottky Diode 100V 2A SMB 0 0.0000
MMSZ5243B_R1_00001 MMSZ5243B _R1 _00001 Panjit Zener Diode 0 0.0000
2N7002KDW. 2N7002KDW Secos MOSFET 60V 115mA SOT-363-6 0 0.0000
PJD100P03 PJD100P03 Panjit MOSFET P-Channel 30V TO-252 0 0.0000
PJD100P03_L2_00001 PJD100P03 L2 00001 Panjit MOSFET P-Channel 30V TO-252 0 0.0000
BAS21_R1_00001 BAS21 _R1 _00001 Panjit Switching Diodes 250V 200mA SOT23 0 0.0000
1N5402_R2_10001 1N5402 _R2 _10001 Panjit Diode 200V 3A DO-201AD 0 0.0000