Powerex Semiconductor


PowerexPowerex specializes in transforming ideas into cost-effective products with discrete, modular, and integrated high-power semiconductor solutions. Powerex turns ideas into cost-effective products and is a leading supplier of discrete, modular and integrated high power semiconductor solutions, supporting many markets, including: AC and DC Motor Controls, Aircraft, Alternative Energy (WIND, Photovoltaic), Communications, Electrical, Industrial Heating, Medical Power Supplies, Transportation, UPS, Vehicles, and Welding.


  • AC and DC Motor Controls
  • Aircraft
  • Alternative Energy (WIND, Photovoltaic)
  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Industrial Heating
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • Transportation
  • UPS
  • Vehicles
  • Welding

Their lineup includes POW-R-BLOK™, SCR and Diode Modules, IGBTs, HVIGBTs, Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs), Rectifiers, Thyristors, Custom Power Modules, and Assemblies.
Powerex products


  • Motor Drives (low & medium voltage)
  • Aircraft – Flight Control Systems/Power Generation & Distribution
  • Alternative Energy & Distributed Power
  • Battery Chargers
  • Electric Vehicles
  • HVAC
  • Induction Heating
  • Industrial/Commercial Pumps
  • Medical Power Supplies (CT, MRI, X-Ray)
  • Mining
  • Traction
  • UPS
  • Welding