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Calrad ElectronicsCalrad Electronics offers the most comprehensive line of electronic products available from one source, including connectors, cables, audio – video accessories and CCTV serving the OEM, consumer, home theater system integrator, aerospace and medical markets.

Calrad serves many industries all with different needs, Consumers, Home Theater System Integrators, Pro-A\V, OEM as well as Aerospace and Medical markets. Calrad remains committed to quality products and customer service.

Calrad Electronics is a well-established company specializing in the distribution of audio/video, data, and telecommunications products. Founded in 1952, Calrad has a long history of providing high-quality electronic components and accessories to various industries. The company offers a wide range of products designed for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Custom Assemblies: Calrad has a rich history of crafting and customizing parts to meet specific needs. This service becomes invaluable when you require a quick solution or when off-the-shelf options don't fit the bill. With a fabrication team boasting over 40 years of combined experience in custom assembly and modifications, Calrad ensures the highest standards of quality control. Once a fully functional sample is approved by you, rest assured that Calrad will deliver on time and within budget. Whether the assembly is simple or highly complex, small or large quantities, Calrad is equipped to handle it all.

Markets: The electronics industry is marked by rapid and ceaseless change, and over the decades, Calrad has been a stalwart supplier to numerous industries and markets while staying vigilant for new opportunities. It began with the radio industry – yes, Calrad has been around that long! The company then transitioned to the eras of television and sound recording. As societal needs evolved, security products became a mainstay. Essential products like cables, adapters, plugs, jacks, mixers, and microphones have been part of Calrad's offerings for generations. However, Calrad consistently updates and modernizes these products to remain competitive in an increasingly digital market.

Protocols like SPDIF, Toslink, HDMI, and many others are well-represented in Calrad's product lineup. Today, the focus is on home theater and automation, where Calrad offers cutting-edge products in cables, connectors, switchers, and distribution amplifiers. Network products also play a vital role in this market, which is why Calrad provides a complete line of Cat5e and Cat6 materials. You'll find top-quality FireWire, USB, and signal baluns in the Calrad lineup. Additionally, the company offers stylish Designer Style wall plates featuring a variety of connectors to simplify even the most challenging projects while enhancing aesthetics. This complements Calrad's full line of telephone accessories and integrates seamlessly with their excellent signal scalers and converters.

The future of the electronics industry is uncertain, but wherever it heads, Calrad will be there to meet your needs, serving as a reliable partner in innovation and connectivity.

Product Categories:

  1. Audio/Video Products:

    • HDMI cables and adapters
    • Audio cables (RCA, XLR, etc.)
    • Video cables (component, composite, etc.)
    • Splitters and switches
    • Amplifiers and speakers
    • Wall plates and connectors
  2. Data and Telecommunications:

    • Network cables (Ethernet, fiber optic)
    • Keystone jacks and patch panels
    • Telephone accessories
    • Data cabinets and enclosures
    • Tools and testers
  3. Power and Connectivity:

    • Power supplies and surge protectors
    • Adapters and converters
    • Connectors and terminators
    • Bulk cables (coaxial, speaker wire, etc.)
    • Installation accessories (brackets, mounts, etc.)