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Digilent LogoNational Instruments (NI) completed the acquisition of all outstanding shares of Digilent Inc., a renowned electrical engineering products company. Digilent, headquartered in Pullman, Washington, USA, is a trusted provider of technology-based educational design tools, catering to students, universities, and OEMs globally.

Founded in 2000, Digilent designs, manufactures, and distributes its electronic design tools worldwide, with a presence in over 2,000 universities across more than 70 countries. The company also offers OEM design and manufacturing services for industry leaders such as Xilinx, Analog Devices, and Cypress Semiconductor.

Now operating under the umbrella of NI, Digilent continues its legacy of innovation, empowering engineers, researchers, educators, and scientists with hardware and software solutions since its inception. Their customizable solutions suit both seasoned professionals and emerging engineers, facilitating rapid development while maintaining accessibility.

Digilent is dedicated to democratizing engineering, offering competitive pricing, portable products, and thorough documentation. With a global footprint spanning three continents, Digilent ensures efficient and cost-effective access to its products through an extensive distribution network.

Specializing in Xilinx-based FPGA development boards, USB-based test and measurement devices, and a range of expansion modules for customization, Digilent champions creativity in design. Their products emphasize speed, modularity, customizability, world-class support, and open-source principles, providing the foundational tools while users bring their innovative ideas to life.

In addition to Xilinx-based FPGA/SoC development boards and portable USB test and measurement devices, Digilent offers various expansion modules (Pmods and Zmods) to enhance I/O options for their products, all designed to empower engineers and students from their desks.

Newest Products by Digilent

  • Analog Discovery Pro (ADP2230) MSOAnalog Discovery Pro (ADP2230) MSO

    3/11/2024 USB-based, two-channel, mixed-signal oscilloscope with 50MHz bandwidth and 125MS/s/ch sampling.

  • Analog Discovery 3Analog Discovery 3

    6/15/2023 125MS/s, digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, waveform generator, pattern generator, and more.

  • DPS3340 Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply DPS3340 Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply

    6/8/2023 A three-channel power supply module that controls the power provided to external circuits.

  • Zmod Digitizer 1430-125 2-channel 14-bit ModuleZmod Digitizer 1430-125 2-channel 14-bit Module

    6/8/2023 SYZYGY™ compatible module containing a dual-channel ADC and the associated front end.