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E-T-A Circuit Breakers & Power Management Systems

ETA LogoE-T-A holds the top position as the market leader in circuit breaker design and production, specializing in equipment protection with various circuit protection technologies: thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic, high performance, and electronic. Their extensive lineup of E-T-A circuit breakers spans over 150 models, offering more than 300,000 configurations. Additionally, E-T-A stands out as a prominent manufacturer of solid-state remote power controllers (SSRPCs).

The company provides comprehensive solutions for safeguarding electronic equipment, offering a wide range of products including circuit breakers, circuit protectors, relays, control cabinet solutions, enclosures, and both custom and standard power distribution solutions. E-T-A offers comprehensive solutions for protection of electronic equipment, such as circuit breakers, relays and custom and standard power distribution solutions for your industry.

ETA-USA, a division of E-T-A, is dedicated to producing high-quality switching power supplies, boasting a catalog of over 1,500 standard off-the-shelf models. E-T-A offers a variety of trip characteristics, providing optimum protection against overcurrent for any kind of application. ETA's wide product range comprises thermal, thermal-magnetic, purely magnetic and hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, also as a fuse replacement, including high performance circuit breakers and comprehensive electronic solutions. Disconnector switches are also part of ETA's range. Disconnector switches are ideal main switches for industrial plants or load-independent remote controls in all types of vehicles.

Here is a list of some of the products offered by E-T-A:

  • E-T-A Battery and Isolation Switches
  • E-T-A Current/Voltage Monitors
  • E-T-A Digital Panel Monitors
  • E-T-A High-Performance Circuit Breakers and Switches
  • E-T-A Magnetic and Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • E-T-A Power Distribution Centers
  • E-T-A Solid State and Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controller
  • E-T-A Thermal Circuit Breakers
  • E-T-A Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • E-T-A Time Delay Relays
  • E-T-A Door Locking Relays
  • E-T-A Motor Protection Controls

This extensive range of products showcases E-T-A's commitment to providing reliable and innovative solutions for equipment protection, power distribution, and control in various industries. For businesses and organizations seeking robust and versatile circuit protection and power management solutions, E-T-A's offerings are designed to meet diverse needs with quality and efficiency.

E-T-A Catalog
ETA, a world-leading manufacturer of circuit breakers, designs electrical switches to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by an overload or a short circuit. E-T-A manufactures circuit breakers for all of your circuit protection needs. E-T-A products provide outstanding performance in a broad array of uses in aerospace, telecom, medical, marine, transportation, military, industrial, security and many other applications.