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ITTITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for growing industrial end-markets in energy infrastructure, electronics, aerospace and transportation. Building on its heritage of innovation, ITT partners with its customers to deliver enduring solutions to the key industries that underpin our modern way of life. Founded in 1920, ITT is headquartered in White Plains, NY, with employees in more than 15 countries and sales in more than 125 countries.

Semiconductor Division

ITT Corporation's semiconductor division was involved in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor products. Semiconductors are a crucial component in electronic devices, serving as the foundation for integrated circuits and microchips.


In 1996, ITT Corporation made the strategic decision to spin off its semiconductor division into a separate, independent company. This move was often part of a broader trend in the industry where companies aimed to streamline operations, increase focus, and unlock value for shareholders. In 1997, Micronas acquired ITT Semiconductor.

ITT Interconnect Solutions is an international manufacturer and supplier of connectors including circular, rectangular, fiber optic, RF, power and high voltage, audio, PCMCIA, Compact Flash Card, enclosures, cable assemblies, and application specific custom solutions. The Interconnect Solutions portfolio includes the brands Cannon, VEAM, and BIW Connector Systems. Its products include: Connectors and interconnects for the military, aerospace, industrial, oil & gas, medical and transportation markets.

ITT Interconnect Solutions is part of ITT Corporation, a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions.

ITT Cannon has nearly 100 years of experience designing and delivering highly engineered interconnect solutions to meet some of the most challenging environments both on and off the planet. Having literally defined the standards for circular, rack & panel, micro-miniature and D-subminiature connectors in the aviation, space and industrial markets, ITT Cannon has one of the broadest portfolios of high-reliability ruggedized connectors available today. Always an innovator, ITT Cannon continues to push the envelope with smaller, higher density, lighter and multi-function connectors.



  • Aerospace/ Defense Components
  • Automotive Components
  • Rail Components
  • Industrial Components
  • Oil & Gas Components 

Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
BC636. Siemens BC636 Bipolar PNP Transistor 45V 1A 1000mW TO-92 1,000 0.3500  
BC81725E6327 BC81725E6327 Infineon NPN Transistor 1A 0.33W SMD SOT-23 186,000 0.0800
IPS050N03L G Infineon Technologies IPS050N03L G MOSFET N-CH 30V 90A 4mOhms 0 0.0000
BCF81 BCF81 Siemens NPN Transistor GP 45V 0.1A 0.35W SMD SOT-23 18,000 0.1400
BAS16E-6327 Infineon BAS16E-6327 Switching Diode 85V 250mA SMD SOT-23 35,225 0.1400
BAS16E-6433 BAS16E6433 Infineon Diode Switching 85V 0.25A 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 0 0.0500
IPD90P03P4-04 INFINEON IPD90P03P4-04 P-Channel MOSFET Transistor -30V 90A SMD TO-252-3 0 1.5000
BYP101 INFINEON BYP101 FRED diode in 2-pin TO-218AD package 45 16.0500
BAW56E6327 BAW56E6327 Infineon / Siemens Switching Diode GP 85V 0.2A SMD SOT-23 18,000 0.2000
SPD03N50C3 SPD03N50C3 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 500V 3.2A DPAK-2 0 1.2000
SMBTA92E6327XT Infineon SMBTA92E6327XT PNP GP Transistor 300V 0.5A SMD SOT-23 RoHS 6,000 0.2000
BCV47E6327XT BCV47E6327XT Infineon NPN Darlington Transistor 60V 0.5A SMD SOT-23 0 0.3000
BCV47E6327 BCV47E6327 Infineon NPN Darlington Transistor AF 60V 500mA SMD SOT-23 RoHS 0 0.3200
BAV70E6327 Infineon BAV70E6327 Diode Switching 85V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 3,000 0.1500
ILD207T ILD207T Infineon Dual Optocoupler 4 kV, 100 %, 30 mA SOIC-8 6,500 1.1000
SPP07N60C3 Infineon SPP07N60C3 Power MOSFET 7.3A 600V 7.3A TO220-3 43 0.1900
ICE3BR1565JF Infineon Technologies 3BR1565JF Superfast Recovery 3-Phase Silicon Bridge Rectifiers 0 0.0000
BC807-16E6327 BC807-16E6327 Infineon / Siemens PNP Transistors 500mA, 45V, SOT23 90,000 0.1500
BC807-25E6327 BC80725E6327 Infineon PNP BJT Transistor GP 45V 0.5A 0.33W SMD SOT-23 108,000 0.0600
BC846B-TR Infineon / Siemens BC846B-TR NPN Transistor 65V 0.2A 0.25W SMD SOT-23 29,950 0.1000
BCX71JE6327 BCX71JE6327 Infineon PNP Transistor GP 5V 0.1A SMD SOT-23 9,964 0.2000
BTS724G Infineon BTS724G Hi Side Power Switch 4 Outputs 12A SMD DSO-20 2,760 4.2500
CNY17-F2-X001 Infineon CNY17-F2-X001 NPN Transistor Output Optocoupler 1.65V 0.1A 0.15W DIP-6 46 0.6000
IRLML2402TRPBF IRLML2402TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-CH 20V 1.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
BTS409L1E3062A Infineon BTS409L1E3062AT Power Switch Hi Side 1.8A TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IRFRC20 IRFRC20 IR N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 600V 2A 2.5W SMD DPAK-3 76 0.8000
IRF630NSTRL International Rectifier RF630NSTRL N-Channel MOSFET 200V 9.3A SMD D-PAK-3 1,600 1.5900
BSS138NH6327XTSA2 BSS138NH6327XTSA2 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 230mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
SMBTA43 Siemens SMBTA43 NPN Transistor 200V 500mA 360mW SMD SOT-23 5,485 0.1500
IRF540N IRF540N I.R MOSFET 100V 33A RDSON 44mOHM TO-220AB 0 1.0000
SPB20N60C3ATMA1 SPB20N60C3ATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 650V 20.7A D2PAK RoHS 0 4.4600
CNY17F-3X006 Infineon CNY17F-3X006 Transistor Output Optocoupler 70V PDIP-6 900 0.3700
BFR280E6327 BFR280E6327 INFINEON TRANSISTOR RF BJT NPN 8V 0.01A 3-PIN SOT-23 T/R RoHS 0 1.3800
PEF22558EV1.1-G PEF22558EV1.1-G INFINEON IC TELECOM INTERFACE ICS T/E 1.8 V, 3.3 V 256LBGA 0 50.0000
BAS28 BAS28 Siemens Dual Switching Diode (Isolated) 85V 0.215A SMD SOT-143 30,000 0.2500
ILQ2 ILQ2 SIEMENS Optoisolator Transistor Output 5300Vrms 4 Channel 16-DIP 4 4.9500
IDT08S60C IDT08S60C Infineon Schottky Diode 8A, 600V TO-220AC 0 5.0000
BCX5416E6327HTSA1 BCX5416E6327HTSA1 Infineon Transistor GP BJT NPN 45V 1A 4-Pin 0 0.0000
CNY171 SIEMENS CNY17-1 Optocoupler DC-IN 1-CH Transistor With Base DC-OUT 6-Pin PDIP Black Bulk 400 0.0500
IRF8304MTRPBF IRF8304MTRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-CH 30V 28A MX 0 2.9900
PVG612ASPBF PVG612ASPBF Infineon Relay SSR 25mA DC-IN 2A 60V AC/DC-OUT 6-Pin 0 8.5600
XE167F96F66LACFXQMA1 XE167F96F66LACFXQMA1 Infineon 16-bit Microcontroller 66MHZ, LQFP-144 0 0.0000
JHL6540-SLLSN Intel? JHL6540 Thunderbolt? 3 Controller 0 0.0000
IR3853MTRPBF IR3853MTRPBF Infineon IC Regulator 4A SupIRBuck 250-1500kHz, 1.5-21V 17QFN 0 2.9100
IR2301STRPBF IR2301STRPBF Infineon IC Driver 600V 0.35A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
TDA21470 TDA21470 Infineon IC integrated 25V power modules for multiphase power 70A SP001579132 0 0.0000
IRF7907TRPBF IRF7907TRPBF Infineon MOSFET DUAL NCh 30V 9.1A 8SOIC 0 1.0700
BPX433 SIEMENS BPX43-3 Phototransistor Chip Silicon NPN T 2Pin 2 3.4500
ESD206-B1-02ELS ESD206-B1-02ELS Infineon ESD Suppressor TVS 5.5V 2-Pin TSSLP 0 0.0000
BSZ034N04LS BSZ034N04LS Infineon Transistor Mosfet N-CH 40V 40A 8-TSDSON 0 0.0000
SPA20N60C3 SPA20N60C3 Infineon Trans MOSFET N-CH 600V 20.7A TO-220FP 1,100 0.0000
SMBT2222AE6327HTSA1 SMBT2222AE6327HTSA1 INFINEON Transistor BJT NPN 40V 0.6A SOT-23 0 0.0380
IRFR5305TRPBF IRFR5305TRPBF Infineon MOSFET 55V 31A DPAK 0 0.0000
BC807-25-SIE SIEMENS BC807-25 Transistor - Single PNP45V 500mA 0 0.3600
IRF3707ZSPBF IRF3707ZSPBF Infineon MOSFET N-CH 30V 59A 3-Pin(2+Tab) 0 0.0000
BUZ90 INFINEON BUZ90 Transistors N-CH 800V 4A 0 0.0000
IPD050N03L-G IPD050N03L G Infineon MOSFET N-CH 30V 50A 3-Pin TO-252 0 0.0000
IPP030N10N3GXKSA1 IPP030N10N3GXKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 100V 100A TO-220 0 4.9400
IPA60R380E6 IPA60R380E6 INFINEON MOSFET N-CH 600V 10,6A 380mOhm TO220FP 0 0.0000
PVG612S-TPBF PVG612S-TPBF Infineon Photovoltaic 1A 60 V 0.1 Ohm SPST MDIP-6 0 0.0000
IRGP4066D-EPBF IRGP4066D-EPBF Infineon Transistor IGBT N-ch 600V 90A TO-247AD 1 9.0000
BSC100N06LS3-G BSC100N06LS3 G Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 50A TDSON-8 0 0.0000
BSS123NH6327XTSA1 BSS123NH6327XTSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 100V 190mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
IRF5803TRPBF IRF5803TRPBF Infineon Transistor P-Channel 40V 3.4A TSOP-6 0 0.0000
IKB10N60T IKB10N60T Infineon Transistor IGBT N-CH 600V 20A TO-263 0 0.0000
ICE3BR0665JXKLA1 ICE3BR0665JXKLA1 Infineon Converter Offline Flyback Topology 65kHz PG-DIP-8 0 0.0000
TDK5100XUMA1 TDK5100XUMA1 Infineon RF Transmitter 2.1-4 V ASK/FSK Transmitter IC TSSOP-16, RoHS 0 0.0000
ESD1P0RFW-H6327 ESD1P0RFW H6327 Infineon TVS Diode ESD 20KV Bi-directional SOT323 0 0.0000
ESD1P0RFWE6327 ESD1P0RFWE6327 Infineon TVS Diode 70V 15V SOT323-3 0 0.0000
ESD1P0RFWH6327XTSA1 ESD1P0RFWH6327XTSA1 Infineon TVS Diode ESD 20KV Bi-directional SOT323 0 0.0000
IR25603SPBF IR25603SPBF Infineon IC Half-Bridge Driver 600V SOIC8 0 0.0000
IRLML9303TRPBF IRLML9303TRPBF Infineon MOSFET P-CH 30V 2.3A SOT-23 0 0.0000
IRF1010EZPBF IRF1010EZPBF Infineon N-Channel Power Mosfet 60V 84A TO-220-3 0 0.0000
IRAMS10UP60A-2 IRAMS10UP60A-2 Infineon IC Motor Pre-Driver 600V 10A 23-Pin SIP-1 0 0.0000
BSP452 BSP-452 Infineon Power Switch Hi Side 0.7A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
IR25603STRPBF IR25603STRPBF Infineon Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC RC Input Circuit 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4 Infineon IGBT Module N-CH 1.2KV 900A 8-pin PRIME2-1 0 0.0000
SPI21N50C3 SPI21N50C3 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 500V 21A I2PAK-3 500 0.0000
BSP315PH6327XTSA1 BSP315PH6327XTSA1 Infineon MOSFET P-Ch -60V -1.17A SOT-223-3 0 0.0000
IPD090N03LGATMA1 IPD090N03LGATMA1 Infineon N-Channel Power-Transistor 30V 40A DPAK-2 0 0.0000
BSC031N06NS3-G BSC031N06NS3 G Infineon Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 100A 8-TDSON 5,000 0.0000
SPA11N80C3XKSA1 SPA11N80C3XKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 800V 11A TO-220FP 0 0.0000
SPW32N50C3 SPW32N50C3 Infineon MOSFET Transistor, N Channel 32A 560V TO-247 0 0.0000
BFP-420-H6327 BFP 420 H6327 Infineon Transistor GP BJT NPN 4.5V 0.035A SOT-343 0 0.0000
IPP110N20N3GXKSA1 IPP110N20N3GXKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 200V 88A TO220-3 0 0.0000
BSC009NE2LS BSC009NE2LS Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 25V 100A TDSON-8 0 0.0000
BSC028N06NSATMA1 BSC028N06NSATMA1 Infineon Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 100A 8-TDSON 0 0.0000
ESD3V3U4ULCE6327 ESD3V3U4ULC E6327 Infineon ESD Suppressor TVS 3.3V 9-TSLP 0 0.0000
SPA17N80C3XKSA1 SPA17N80C3XKSA1 Infineon Transistor Mosfet N-Channel 800V 17A TO220-3-31 0 0.0000
SPB21N50C3 SPB21N50C3 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 500V 21A TO263-3-2 3 0.0000
BSC009NE2LSATMA1 BSC009NE2LSATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 25V 41A 8-TDSON 0 0.0000
SPI20N60C3HKSA1 SPI20N60C3HKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 650V 20.7A TO-262 0 0.0000
BSZ100N06LS3G BSZ100N06LS3G Infineon Transistor 0 0.5100
SPI20N60C3XKSA1 SPI20N60C3XKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 650V 20.7A I2PAK-3 0 0.0000
IR3473MTRPBF IR3473MTRPBF Infineon DC to DC Converter 6A 3.0-27V 16PQFN 0 2.1000
IPP045N10N3GXKSA1 IPP045N10N3GXKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 100V 100A TO220-3 2 0.0000
IPP180N10N3GXKSA1 IPP180N10N3GXKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 100V 43A TO-220 0 0.0000
IPA65R380C6XKSA1 IPA65R380C6XKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 700V 10.6A TO220FP-3 0 0.0000
IPP60R099P6XKSA1 IPP60R099P6XKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 600V 37.9A TO-220-3 0 0.0000
IRS4427SPBF IRS4427SPBF Infineon Driver 3.3A 8-SOIC 50 0.0000
IPS021LTR IPS021LTR Infineon Mosfet Driver 5A SOT-223 0 0.0000
BSS670S2LH6327XTSA1 BSS670S2LH6327XTSA1 Infineon Transistor MOSFET N-CH 55V 0.54A SOT-23 6,000 0.0000
IPA65R650CEXKSA1 IPA65R650CEXKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 650V TO-220FP-3 0 0.0000
ITS4200SMEOHUMA1 ITS4200SMEOHUMA1 Infineon Power Switch IC 0 0.6600
IPA60R125CP IPA60R125CP Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 650V 25A TO220FP-3 0 0.0000
SPP20N60C3 SPP20N60C3 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 600V 20.7A TO220-3 CoolMOS C3 0 0.0000
BSC350N20NSFD BSC350N20NSFD Infineon MOSFET 200V 35A 8TDSON 0 0.0000
IPD025N06N IPD025N06N Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 90A DPAK-2 0 0.0000
IKW40N120H3 IKW40N120H3 Infineon IGBT Transistor TO-247 0 0.0000
IPD200N15N3GATMA1 IPD200N15N3GATMA1 Infineon N-Ch MOSFET 150V 50A TO-252 0 0.0000
IRLML6402TRPBF IRLML6402TRPBF Infineon MOSFET P-CH 20V 3.7A SOT-23 0 0.0000
IR3843WMTR1PBF IR3843WMTR1PBF Infineon DC-DC Converter 0.7-14.4V 2A 15-QFN 0 0.0000
IRG4BC10UDPBF IRG4BC10UDPBF Infineon IGBT 600V 8-60kHz UltraFast TO220AB 0 0.0000
IPP045N10N3G IPP045N10N3 G Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 100V 100A TO220-3 0 0.0000
BDP947H6327XTSA1 BDP947H6327XTSA1 Infineon Transistor NPN 45V 3A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
ICE3BR0665J ICE3BR0665J Infineon Converter Offline Flyback Topology 65kHz PG-DIP-8 0 0.0000
SPW32N50C3FKSA1 SPW32N50C3FKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 560V 32A TO-247 0 0.0000
ESD102-U4-05L-E6327 ESD102-U4-05L E6327 Infineon ESD Suppressor TVS 5.5V TSLP-5-2 0 0.0000
ESD102U405LE6327 ESD102U405LE6327XTSA1 Infineon ESD Suppressor TVS 5.5V TSLP-5-2 5,000 0.0000
IDH05G65C5XKSA1 IDH05G65C5XKSA1 Infineon Diode Schottky 650V 5A PG-TO220-2-2 0 0.0000
BSO201SPHXUMA1 BSO201SPHXUMA1 Infineon MOSFET P-Ch -20V -14.9A DSO-8 0 0.0000
FF900R12IP4V FF900R12IP4V Infineon IGBT Module 1200V 900A PRIME2-1 0 0.0000
SLB9670VQ20FW785 SLB9670VQ20FW785XUMA1 Infineon Trusted Platform Module 32-VQFN 0 0.0000
BGA725L6E6327FTSA1 BGA725L6E6327FTSA1 Infineon Amplifier GPS 1.615GHz 3.6V 6-TSLP 0 0.0000
DZ3600S17K3_B2 DZ3600S17K3_B2 Infineon IGBT Module 1.7KV 3.6KA Chassis Mount 0 0.0000
BGA416E6327HTSA1 BGA416E6327HTSA1 Infineon RF Amp 3-5V 5.5mA SOT-143-4 0 0.0000
ICE3BR1065J ICE3BR1065J Infineon, Off-Line SMPS Current-mode Controller 0 0.0000
BC846PNE6327 BC846PNE6327 Infineon Transistor 65V 0.1A SOT-363-6 0 0.0000
IRF7853TRPBF IRF7853TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 100V 8.3A SOIC-8 0 0.0000
AUIRLR014NTRL AUIRLR014NTRL Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 55V 10A 28W D-PAK 0 0.0000
IRFR1205TRPBF IRFR1205TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 55V 44A 107W D-Pak 0 0.0000
IRFR1205TRLPBF IRFR1205TRLPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 55V 44A 107W D-Pak 0 0.0000
IRFR1205TRL IRFR1205TRL Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 55V 44A 107W D-Pak 0 0.0000
IRFR1205TRRPBF IRFR1205TRRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 55V 44A 107W D-Pak 0 0.0000
MMBD914LT1HTSA1 MMBD914LT1HTSA1 Infineon Diode 75V 250mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
BSC019N02KS-G BSC019N02KS G Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 20V 100A TDSON-8 0 0.0000
IR3837MTRPBF IR3837MTRPBF IR Voltage Regulator 14A 1.5-16V 17-VQFN 0 0.0000
IRLTS6342TRPBF IRLTS6342TRPBF IR MOSFET N-Channel 30V 8.3A 6-TSOP 50 0.0000
IPP020N06N IPP020N06N Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 120A TO220-3 0 0.0000
BAS16UE6327HTSA1 BAS16UE6327HTSA1 Infineon Diode Switching 85V 0.2A SC-74-6 0 0.0000
IR3897MTRPBF IR3897MTRPBF IR Buck Regulator 4A 16PQFN 0 0.0000
IR3897MTR1PBF IR3897MTR1PBF Infineon Buck Regulator 4A 16PQFN 0 0.0000
IRS21094SPBF IRS21094SPBF Infineon Half-Bridge Gate Driver 600V 120mA 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
IR3507ZMTRPBF IR3507ZMTRPBF Infineon Phase IC 2A 20-MLPQ 0 0.0000
IR3720MTRPBF IR3720MTRPBF Infineon Power Supply Controller 3.3-3.9V 10-DFN 0 0.0000
IRFI4321PBF IRFI4321PBF IR / Infineon Power MOSFET N-Channel 150V 34A TO-220AB 48 0.0000
IPD50N08S413ATMA1 IPD50N08S413ATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 80V 50A PG-TO252-3 0 0.0000
BTS432E2E3062A BTS432E2E3062A Infineon Power Switch/Driver 42V 9A TO263-5 0 0.0000
IRF540-IR IRF540NPBF IR MOSFET 100V 33A RDSON TO-220AB 0 1.0000
IRFI4019H-117P IRFI4019H-117P Infineon MOSFET 150V 8.7A TO220-5 6 0.0000
IRFI4020H-117P IRFI4020H-117P Infineon Mosfet Dual N-Channel 200V TO-220FP-5 5 0.0000
IRFI4020H-117PXKMA1 IRFI4020H-117PXKMA1 Infineon MOSFET 200V 9.1A TO-220 0 0.0000
IDH05G65C5XKSA2 IDH05G65C5XKSA2 Infineon Diode Schottky 650V 5A TO-220-2 0 0.0000
IPW60R041C6FKSA1 IPW60R041C6FKSA1 Infineon ^MOSFET N-Ch 650V 77.5A TO247-3 0 0.0000
IRFI4110GPBF IRFI4110GPBF IR MOSFET N-Channel 72A 100V TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IRFP4110PBF IRFP4110PBF IR MOSFET N-CH 100V 120A TO247AC 0 0.0000
BTS4880R BTS4880R Infineon IC High Side Power Switch DSO-36 0 0.0000
BSC010NE2LSATMA1 BSC010NE2LSATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 25V 39A 8-TDSON 0 0.0000
IRF9310TRPBF IRF9310TRPBF IR MOSFET P-Channel 30V 20A 8-SOIC 3,999 0.0000
IRF5305STRLPBF IRF5305STRLPBF Infineon Mosfet N-CH 100V 14A TO-220 0 0.7507
IRFB4020PBF IRFB4020PBF IR MOSFET N-Channel 200V 18A 100W TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IRS4427STRPBF IRS4427STRPBF Infineon / IR Gate Drivers 25V 3.3A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
IRF640NPBF IRF640NPBF IR Mosfet N-Ch 200V 18A TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IRLSL3036PBF IRLSL3036PBF Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 195A TO262 0 0.0000
BFS483H6327XTSA1 BFS483H6327XTSA1 Infineon RF Transistor 12V 65mA 8GHz 450mW PG-SOT363-6 0 0.0000
ESD131B1W0201E6327XT ESD131B1W0201E6327XTSA1 Infineon Diode TVS 5.5V 2-WLL 0 0.0000
ESD102-U1-02ELSE6327 ESD102-U1-02ELS E6327 Infineon Diode Array Uni-Dir 3.3V 2-TSSLP 0 0.0000
IPP60R060P7XKSA1 IPP60R060P7XKSA1 Infineon Mosfet N-Ch 600V 48A PG-TO220-3 0 0.0000
TLS820F1ELV50 TLS820F1ELV50 Infineon LDO Voltage Regulator 5V 0.2A 14-SSOP 0 0.0000
ICE3AR0680JZ ICE3AR0680JZ Infineon AC-DC Converter 25V 7.8mA PG-DIP-7 0 0.0000
IR2110STRPBF IR2110STRPBF Infineon Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Non-Inverting 16-SOIC 10 0.0000
PXE1110CDMG003XTMA1 PXE1110CDMG003XTMA1 Infineon CPU Controller 40-QFN 3 0.0000
BSC0702LSATMA1 BSC0702LSATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Channel 100A 60V PG-TDSON-8 0 0.0000
IRFR4620TRLPBF IRFR4620TRLPBF Infineon / IR MOSFET N-Ch 200V 24A DPAK 0 0.0000
SPW20N60S5FKSA1 SPW20N60S5FKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 600V 20A TO247-3 0 0.0000
IRFR120NTRPBF IRFR120NTRPBF IR MOSFET N-Ch 100 V 9.4A D-Pak 0 0.0000
IPD60R385CP IPD60R385CP Infineon MOSFET N-CH 600 V 9 A DPAK-2 5 0.0000
IRFR6215TRLPBF IRFR6215TRLPBF Infineon MOSFET P-Ch 150V 13A D-Pak 0 0.0000
BTS50901EJAXUMA1 BTS50901EJAXUMA1 Infineon Power Switch ICs - 28V 3A PG-DSO-8-43-EP 0 0.0000
BTS5090-1EJA BTS5090-1EJA Infineon Power Switch ICs - 28V 3A PG-DSO-8-43-EP 4 0.0000
IRLML6346TRPBF IRLML6346TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 30V 3.4A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
BSC060P03NS3E-G BSC060P03NS3E G Infineon Mosfet P-Ch 30V -100A TDSON-8 0 0.0000
IRFS7530TRL7PP IRFS7530TRL7PP Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 240A D2PAK 1,900 0.0000
BSS83PH6327XTSA1 BSS83PH6327XTSA1 Infineon MOSFET P-Ch 60V 0.33A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
IRGP30B120KD-EP IRGP30B120KD-EP Infineon IGBT NPT 1200V 60A TO-247AD 0 0.0000
IRFB52N15DPBF IR IRFB52N15DPBF MOSFET 150V 60A 32mOhm TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IPW60R041P6 IPW60R041P6 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 600V 77.5A TO-247 0 0.0000
ITS4141NHUMA1 ITS4141NHUMA1 Infineon Power Load Switch 45V 1.1A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
IRG4PC40KDPBF IRG4PC40KDPBF IR IGBT Transistors IGBT N-Ch 600V 42A TO-247AC 0 0.0000
FF200R12KS4 FF200R12KS4 Infineon IGBT 1200V 200A AG-62MM-1 200 0.0000
IRLR2703TRPBF IRLR2703TRPBF IR MOSFET N-Channel 30V 23A TO-252AA 0 0.0000
IR21834SPBF IR21834SPBF Infineon / IR Gate Driver 600V 10 to 20V 1.4A 14-SOIC 0 0.0000
BSC052N03LSATMA1 BSC052N03LSATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 30V 17A 8-TDSON 3,000 0.0000
PXE1410CDM-G003 PXE1410CDMG003XTMA1 Infineon High Reliability Microcontroller IC 40VQFN 0 0.0000
IPW60R190C6 IPW60R190C6 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 600V 20.2A TO247-3 2 0.0000
SPP20N60S5XKSA1 SPP20N60S5XKSA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 600V 20A TO-220-3 0 0.0000
BSS138NH6327 BSS138NH6327 Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 60V 0.23A SOT-23-3 81,000 0.0000
BSZ060NE2LS BSZ060NE2LS Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 25V 40A TDSON-8 OptiMOS RoHS 0 0.0000
IDH08S60C IDH08S60C Infineon Schottky Diode 600V 8A PG-TO220-2 0 0.0000
BSC190N15NS3G BSC190N15NS3G Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 150V 50A TDSON-8 0 0.0000
IR11682STRPBF IR11682STRPBF Infineon / IR Gate Driver 8.6-18V 48mA 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
IRF1405STRLPBF IRF1405STRLPBF Infineon MOSFET N-CH 55V 131A D2PAK 0 0.0000
BSC118N10NSGATMA1 BSC118N10NSGATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 100V 11A 8-TDSON 2,882 0.0000
IRL7472L1TRPBF IRL7472L1TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Ch Si 40V 68A DirectFET-L8 100 0.0000
BSZ100N06LS3GATMA1 BSZ100N06LS3GATMA1 Infineon MOSFET N-CH 60V 11A 8-TSDSON 1,000 0.0000
IKW75N60T IKW75N60T Infineon Transistor IGBT 600V 75A 428W TO247-3 0 0.0000
IRFIZ48NPBF IRFIZ48NPBF IR MOSFET N-Channel 55 V 40A TO-220AB 0 0.0000
IRS2106SPBF IRS2106SPBF IR Gate Driver 600V 0.6A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
IRF6645TRPBF IRF6645TRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 100 V 5.7A DIRECTFET 0 0.0000
TLE5012BE1000XUMA1 TLE5012BE1000XUMA1 Infineon Magnetic Sensor 3-5.5V 8-DSO 0 0.0000
IRFR120ZTRPBF IRFR120ZTRPBF Infineon MOSFET N-Ch 100V 8.7A 3-Pin(2+Tab) DPAK 0 0.0000
IRF7307TRPBF IRF7307TRPBF Infineon MOSFET MOSFET Dual N/P-Ch 20V 4.3A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
BB55502VH7912XTSA1 BB55502VH7912XTSA1 Infineon Varactor Diode 30V 20MA SC79 5,950 0.0000