Souriau - Sunbank

Souriau - Sunbank

Souriau Sunbank SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies offers a wide range of high reliability I/O (Input/Output) connectors, securing the link between equipment and electrical or fiber optic harnessing.

Souriau connectors is a world leader in the harsh environment interconnect solutions market with a culture of operational excellence. Souriau designs, manufactures and markets high performance, high reliability interconnect solutions for harsh and rugged environments dedicated to the Aviation/Aerospace, Defense/Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets.

Souriau connectors are include military grade options like the Souriau D38999 aerospace line (screw coupling and bayonet designs), as well as the lightweight yet durable 851 Series MIL-DTL-26482 Souriau connectors. Also available is the extremely rugged Push Pull JBX Series, as well as the TRIM TRIO® family of industrial Souriau connectors, comprised of the waterproof UTS, the mixed power & signal UTL, UTO for superior EMI shielding, as well as two multiway options (UTG/SMS).

SOURIAU designs, manufactures and markets high performance - high reliability interconnect solutions for harsh environments dedicated to the Aerospace, Defense / Space, General & Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets. Souriau has a worldwide presence with R & D centers and production sites in Europe, USA, Japan and India. The Company is deeply involved in the environmental protection with RoHS products.


The SOURIAU brand has a large portfolio of circular and rectangular connectors and offers products qualified to international standards (MIL-DTL, EN, UL/IEC, etc.) as well as proprietary products to serve customers in aerospace, defense and industrial markets.

The SOURIAU brand connectors are reliable and designed for harsh environments and critical applications including exposure to water and dust, mechanical stress, corrosive environments and a high number of mating cycles.

Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors

Rectangular connectors

Rectangular Connectors

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Push-Pull Connectors

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UL & IEC Connectors

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Feedthrough Connectors

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2019: Eaton Completed the acquisition of the Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies for $920 million. Headquartered in Versailles, France, Souriau-Sunbank is a global leader in highly engineered electrical interconnect solutions for harsh environments for customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial, energy, and transport industries. Founded over 100 years ago, the business has a workforce of approximately 3,200 people and manufacturing facilities in France, the Dominican Republic, India, Morocco, Mexico, and the United States.

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