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Bussmann / Eaton, a division of Cooper Industries that has been acquired by Eaton, is one of the world’s largest producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and automotive systems from circuit overload. The company provides the industry standard for circuit protection with over 41,000 fuse types, from large fuses for protecting the main supply in multi-story buildings and industrial complexes, to sophisticated fuses for printed circuit boards in electronic products. Bussmann makes fuses and fusible protection systems. Bussmann fuses include the most extensive circuit protection solutions for use in a variety of major standards: UL, CSA, and IEC as well as European, DIN, and British Standards. North American styled Bussmann fuses are used in a wide range of applications: industrial motor protection, power conversion, medium voltage, power distribution, telecommunications, electronics, and automotive.

Eaton’s Bussmann division develops and manufactures critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative circuit and power electronics protection. The Bussmann business serves customers in the commercial, data centers, electrical vehicles, food and beverage, and other markets.

A major innovation by Bussmann fuse is the Bussmann CUBEfuse. The Bussmann CUBEfuse footprint is the smallest of any power fuse class on the market. Its rectangular construction allows for minimum space in the control panel while providing a high finger-safe rating and enhanced workplace safety. Selective coordination ratio of 2:1 (within low-peak fuse family) prevents electrical shutdowns from extending beyond the failed circuit. A 3-pole 100 amp Bussmann Cubefuse holder occupies one-third the space of the normal 100 amp Class J block. The Bussmann Cubefuse is available in 30-60amp, 600V and the newly released 70-100 amp.
Bussmann Fuses