EPCOS Capacitors & Inductors – Passive Components

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EPCOS develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include automotive electronics, information and communications technology, industrial electronics and consumer electronics .A broad product portfolio and truly global presence have made EPCOS a global market leader in products that account for 60 percent of our sales. A further 35 percent is generated by products in which we are the number one in Europe.

EPCOS Capacitors
EPCOS (EPCGn.DE) is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems headquartered in Munich, Germany. With its broad portfolio EPCOS offers a comprehensive range of products from a single source and focuses on fast-growing and technologically demanding markets, in particular in the areas of information and communication technology, as well as automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The EPCOS Group has design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and in North and South America.

July 31, 2008 : TDK acquires passive electronic component maker EPCOS. Value of the acquisition transaction was on the order of YEN 200 Billion (approx. US$ 1.859 billion). After complete acquisition of EPCOS by TDK on October 1, 2009 the TDK-EPC cooperation with about 36,000 employees (worldwide) was founded in Japan. EPCOS products are part of the product portfolio of TDK Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components, modules, systems and devices. Epcos offers passive electronic components includes capacitors, ferrites, inductors, high-frequency components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter products, piezo and protection components, and sensors.



  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Capacitors for Power Electronics
  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Capacitors for AC Motor Run Applications
  • EMI Suppression Capacitors
  • Capacitors for Power Factor Correction
  • Film Capacitors
SAW Components and Modules
  • Automotive Electronics/ Remote Control
  • Mobile Communications
  • RF Modules
  • Infrastructure Systems
  • Multimedia Applications
Sensors and Sensor Systems
  • Temperature Measurement Sensors
  • Limit Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Level Sensors
  • Motor Protection Sensors
Protection DevicesVoltage Protection
      • CeraDiodes
      • PTC Limit Temperature Sensors
      • Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (MLV, SHCV, CU Varistors)
      • Monolithic Varistors
      • Surge Arresters
Current Protection
      • Inrush Current Limiters
      • PTC Thermistors for Motor Start
      • PTC Thermistors as Heating Elements
Tempreature Protection
    • PTC Limit Temperature Sensors
    • Thermal Management for LED Drivers

Ceramic Switching and Heating Components/ Piezo Components

  • PTC Thermistors for Motor Start
  • PTC Thermistors as Heating Elements
  • Multilayer Piezo Actuators
  • PTC Thermistors for Switching Applications
  • Switching Spark Gaps
Inductors/ EMC FiltersChokes
    • Data and Signal Line Chokes
    • Power Line Chokes
    • RF Chokes
    • VHF Chokes
      • SMT Inductors
      • SMT Power Inductors
      • Transformers for Information Technology
      • Transponder Coils
EMC Filters
    • EMC Filters
    • EMC Filters for Shielded Rooms
    • EMC Feedthrough Capacitors
    • EMC Feedthrough Filters
    • SineFormer
    • EMI Suppression Capacitors
  • E/ELP Cores
  • PM/P/P Core Halves/EP Cores
  • RM Cores
  • EFD/EV Cores
  • PQ Cores
  • U/I Cores
  • ER/ETD/EQ Cores
  • Ring/Double-Aperture Cores