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Hollyland specializes in the development, production and marketing of circuit protection devices. As the world’s leading circuit protection devices manufacturer, the company is proud to have developed and own a wide variety of patent products. As the leading protectors manufacturer, the company provides a wide product portfolio consisting of miniature fuse(glass-tube fuse & ceramic-tube fuse), miniature fuse accessories, microfuse, surface mounted chip fuse, thermal cutoff, power fuse (semi-conductor fuse), and polymer positive temperature coefficient resettable fuse.

Hollyland Fuses is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in circuit protection devices, such as surface mount fuses, micro fuses, resettable fuses, and surface mount PPTC fuses. Hollyland also offers an extensive line of fuse accessories, such as thermal links, thermostats, fuse holders, and fuse bases. With their own line of patented fuse products, Hollyland is one of the most recognized names in circuit protection solutions in China and Asia.

High Quality Fuses

In a technologically-dependent market, fuses play an integral role in any device requiring electrical energy or a power supply. Large power overloads have the potential to destroy equipment or start electrical fires. With the proper Hollyland circuit protection equipment and fuses, such events could be avoided while incorporating a high standard of safety.

All of Hollyland’s products are lead-free and fully compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements.

The items are extensively certified by major international approvals such as UL, UR, CSA, VDE, TUV, BSI, SEMKO, CCC, IMQ, CQC, PSE, KC, and more. In addition to our standard product range, Hollyland also provides tailor-design and manufacture for customers’ specific needs & requirements.

Order With IBS Electronics

Whether your design requires miniature fuses (glass-tube and ceramic-tube), miniature fuse accessories, microfuse, surface mounted chip fuse, thermal cutoff, power fuse (semiconductor fuse), or polymer positive temperature coefficient resettable fuse—IBS Electronics is your all-encompassing solution.

Does your device or project include special requirements? IBS Electronics can work with Hollyland engineers. Together, we can provide a tailor-made design—specifically manufactured for your needs. By protecting your electrical devices with high quality fuses, you’re ensuring longevity and a strong return on your engineering and fiscal investment.

Hollyland Fuses is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of fuses for various applications. Fuses are electrical safety devices designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent conditions. When the current flowing through a circuit exceeds a safe level, the fuse "blows" or opens, interrupting the flow of electricity and preventing damage to the circuit and connected devices.

Hollyland Fuses offers a diverse selection of fuses, including:

  1. Cartridge Fuses: These are cylindrical fuses that are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They come in different sizes and current ratings to suit different circuit protection needs.

  2. Ceramic Fuses: Ceramic fuses are designed to handle high temperatures and are often used in applications where there is a risk of overheating. They are known for their durability and reliability.

  3. Glass Fuses: Glass fuses are small, tube-shaped fuses with metal caps at each end. They are commonly used in automotive and older electronic devices.

  4. Miniature Fuses: These are small, compact fuses designed for use in tight spaces or in smaller electronic devices.

  5. Blade Fuses: Blade fuses are flat, rectangular fuses with metal blades on each end. They are commonly used in automotive applications.

Hollyland Fuses focuses on producing high-quality fuses that meet industry standards for safety and performance. Their products are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, telecommunications, and more. They prioritize reliability and safety, ensuring that their fuses provide effective protection for electrical circuits and equipment.

Customers looking for fuses can rely on Hollyland Fuses for a variety of options to suit their specific needs. Whether it's for industrial machinery, consumer electronics, automotive systems, or other applications, Hollyland Fuses aims to provide dependable and efficient circuit protection solutions.



Surface Mount Fuses

0603, 1206, 2410

4x8x8.5mm, f8.5x8mm


f2.4x7mm, f3.6x10mm


Miniature Fuses

f4.5x15mm, f5x20mm



4x8x8.5mm, f8.5x8mm


PV Fuses

10PV, 10gPV,10L gPV, 14PV, 14 gPV, NH1 gPV, NH1XL gPV, NH2XL gPV

10S, 10N, 10NR, 10R


aR, gR, HBC/D/E, HEA


Power Fuse for Motor

Cylindrical Fuse Holders


Thermal Links

Surface Mount PPTC








Product consists of Miniature Fuse(Glass-tube and Ceramic-tube Fuse), Miniature Fuse Accessories, Microfuse, Surface Mounted Chip Fuse, Thermal Cut-off, Power Fuse (Semi-conductor Fuse) and Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient Resettable Fuse.The rated current ranges from 100mA to 1200A and the rated voltage ranges from 125V to 1000V with a maximum breaking capacity of 120kA.

  • Cartridge fuse
  • MicroFuse
  • Radial Lead Fuse
  • SMD Fuse
  • Power Fuse
  • Resettable Fuse
  • Thermal Cutoff
  • Fuse Accessories
  • PV Fuse


The main components of a standard fuse unit consist of the following items:

  • Metal fuse element
  • Set of contacts
  • Support body

The major two categories of fuses include:

  • Low Voltage Fuses
  • High Voltage Fuses

In order to understand Low voltage fuses better, we can further classify it further into:

  • Semi Enclosed or Rewireable Type
  • Totally enclosed or Cartridge Type

The main usage of fuse is for the protection of the circuit. In a real term scenario, the current flowing through the wires may not be uniform at times. In such cases, your device could get overheated. There is also the chance of a fire if the fuse is not installed.

While the technology has advanced with the usage of circuit breaker, fuses are still used in a number of places like cars and basic electrical components.

The basic purpose of the fuse is to protect and is composed of an alloy which has a low melting point. A strip of this fuse is placed in series with the circuit. The working principle is that if the current is in excess then the strip would melt and break the circuit. There are different variants of fuse boxes available with different types of circuit breaking. For instance, in the case of slow blow fuses, a small overload is carried for some period without the circuit been broken.

Other fuse boxes are designed to break the circuit rapidly. The selection is based upon the kind of device and also the fluctuation level of the current.

  • A fuse is a small, thin conductor designed to melt and separate into two pieces for the purpose of breaking a circuit in the event of excessive current.
  • A circuit breaker is a specially designed switch that automatically opens to interrupt circuit current in the event of an overcurrent condition. They can be "tripped" (opened) thermally, by magnetic fields, or by external devices called "protective relays," depending on the design of breaker, its size, and the application.
  • Fuses are primarily rated in terms of maximum current, but are also rated in terms of how much voltage drop they will safely withstand after interrupting a circuit.
  • Fuses can be designed to blow fast, slow, or anywhere in between for the same maximum level of current.
  • The best place to install a fuse in a grounded power system is on the ungrounded conductor path to the load. That way, when the fuse blows there will only be the grounded (safe) conductor still connected to the load, making it safer for people to be around.

Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
2N-150L HOLLYLAND 2N-150L FUSE 15A 65V SMD 0 0.0000
61NM100L Hollyland 61NM100L Glass Fuse 10A 125V Axial 0 0.0000
35NM-030H Hollyland 35NM-030H Fast Blow Ceramic Cartridge Fuse 250V 3A 3.6mm x 10mm 0 1.8000
2N-080L HOLLYLAND 2N-080L FUSE FB 8A 125V SMD 0 0.0000
KSD-9700 KSD-9700 HOLLYLAND THERMOSTAT 5A 250V 0 0.0000
25T Hollyland 25T Fuses Series 0 0.0000
06F Hollyland 06F Fuse Series 0 0.0000
06T Hollyland 06T Fuse Series 0 0.0000
12F Hollyland 12F Fuse Series 0 0.0000
12T Hollyland 12T Fuse Series 0 0.0000
5RF Hollyland 5RF Fuse Series 0 0.0000
5RT Hollyland 5RT Axial Radial Lead Miniature Fuse Series 0 0.0000
5EF Hollyland 5EF Subminiature Fuse Series 0 0.0000
5ET Hollyland 5ET Fuses Series 0 0.0000
20N Hollyland 20N Fuses Series 0 0.0000
20S Hollyland 20S Axial Leaded MicroFuse 0 2.5000
20T Hollyland 20T Fuse Series 0 0.0000
30N Hollyland 30N Fuse Series 0 0.0000
25S Hollyland 25S Fuse Series 0 0.0000
30TS Hollyland 30TS Fuse Series 0 0.0000
31NM, 32NM Hollyland 31NM, 32NM Fuse Series 0 0.0000
31S, 32S Hollyland 31S, 32S Fuse Series 0 0.0000
42NM Hollyland 41NM, 42NM Fuse Series 0 0.0000
42S Hollyland 41S,42S Fuse Series 0 0.0000
41ST Hollyland 41ST, 42ST Fuse Series 0 0.0000
51NM, 52NM Hollyland 51NM, 52NM Fuse Series 0 0.0000
52MS Hollyland 51MS, 52MS Fuse Series 0 0.0000
51S, 52S Hollyland 51S, 52S Fuse Series 0 0.0000
51NR, 52NR Hollyland 51NR, 52NR Fuse Series 0 0.0000
51ST Hollyland 51ST, 52ST Fuse Series 0 0.0000
62NM Hollyland 61NM, 62NM Fuse Series 0 0.0000
62MS Hollyland 62MS Fuse Series 0 0.0000
62S Hollyland 61S, 62S Fuse Series 0 0.0000
61NR Hollyland 61NR, 62NR Fuse Series 0 0.0000
61ST Hollyland 61ST, 62ST Fuse Series 0 0.0000
65NM Hollyland 65NM 30TS Fuse Series 0 0.0000
65TS Hollyland 65TS Fuse Series 0 0.0000
61T Hollyland 61T Fuse Series 0 0.0000
FUSEBLOCK Hollyland Fuse Block & Fuse Clip 0 0.0000
CFTBN Hollyland CFTBN Fused Terminal Block 0 0.0000
HC10N Hollyland HC10N Fuse Series 0 0.0000
61NM050L Hollyland 61NM050L Cartridge Fuse 125V 5A Fast Blow 6.3mm x 32mm 0 0.5000
61NM030L Hollyland 61NM030L FUSE (3A,125V) ROHS Fast Acting 6,000 0.2500
20T-030H HOLLYLAND 20T-030H Slow-Blow Fuse 3A 250V Axial 0 0.0000
61NM010L 61NM010L Hollyland Glass Fuse 1A,125V Axial 8,000 0.1500
20T-032H HOLLYLAND 20T-032H Blade Fuse 3.15A 250V Axial 0 0.0000
HF-006 HF-006 HOLLYLAND Fuse Holder for 5x20mm Fuse 0 0.5000
50CF(P)010H 50CF(P)010H Hollyland Fast-Acting Fuse 1A 250V 0 1.0000
50CF Hollyland 50CF Fast-Acting Ceramic Fuse 0 0.0000
32S0400H 32S0400H Hollyland Fuse 50A 125V, 250V Axial 0 0.0000
5RT-050H 5RT-050H Hollyland Subminiature Fuse 5A 300V Radial 0 0.0000
20T-010H/L 20T-010H/L Hollyfuse Fuse 250V 1A Axial 0 0.0000
20T-0500H/L 20T-0500H/L Hollyfuse Fuse 250V 0.5A Axial 0 0.0000
32S0200H 32S-0200H Hollyland Fuse 0.2A 250V Axial 0 0.0000
20T-010H 20T-010H Hollyfuse Fuse 250V 1A Axial 0 0.0000
HEA40 HEA40 Hollyland Cylindrical Fuse 0 0.0000
14GPV5U15 14GPV5U15 Hollyland Photovoltaic Fuse 1500V 5A Cartridge 0 0.0000
61NM-020H 61NM-020H Hollyland Fuse 250V 2A Glass Cartridge 0 0.0000
61NM-020H/L 61NM-020H/L Hollyland Fuse 250V 2A Glass Cartridge 0 0.0000
50T-010H 50T-010H Hollyland Glass Cartridge Fuse 1A 250V 5X20mm 0 0.0000
10AR20U6 HC10AR Hollyfuse Micro Fuse 20A 690V Cylindrical 100 0.0000
14GPV15U15 14GPV15U15 Hollyland Photovoltaic Fuse 1500V 15A Cartridge 200 0.0000

Founded in 1975, Hollyland Group is a leading manufacturer in the electronic industry and specializing in producing and marketing of fuses,  and power fuses. The group is one of the industry-leading circuit protection manufacturers with well-recognized presence around the globe. The company’s products provide one of the best circuit protection solutions to virtually every product that requires electrical energy and or power supply.


Fuses, Fuse Accessories:

  • Regular cartridge glass fuses, slow blow, fast blow. Quick acting and lime lag
  • Micro /Pico fuses
  • Radial Lead fuses
  • Nanofuses and smd fuses, 0603 and 1206 cases
  • Power fuses
  • Resettable fuses
  • Thermal Cutoff
  • Fuse accessories

Fuses are less expensive and react faster than a circuit breaker. However, circuit breakers can be reset after they trip but a fuse will have to be replaced once it blows.

HOLLYFUSE is established in 1992 from the Chinese major high-tech manufacturer and distributor of circuit protection devices Hollyland Electronics. HOLLYFUSE is a leading brand that offers a huge variety of patent products including miniature fuses, micro fuses, SMD fuses, low and high voltage fuses, PTC resettable fuses and others. As a global market leader in these product category, over the years, Hollyland Electronics has developed a wide range of products with own patents. The products are widely used in communications, computers, transportation, household appliances and others for electronic power system protection.

The company products conform to BSI ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and CQC ISO14001 system certifications. In all these years, Hollyfuse has been awarded with the title of being the best manufacturer as well as receiving the honor of being the green partner by some of the world’s best well-known corporations.“Safety, reliability and environmental friendly” are the company’s commitment to both the customers and the society. All the products are lead-free that complies with RoHS Directive and REACH regulations.

Holly Fuse Powerfuse Catalog