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Venkel Ltd. – Premier Source for Surface Mount Components

Venkel Ltd.. is a supplier of printed circuit board components, specializing in Surface Mount Components. Products offered include Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Choke Coils, Ferrite Beads, Inductors, Resistors, Thermistors and Engineering Kits. Venkel Ltd. is your trusted source of high-quality printed circuit board components, with a specialization in Surface Mount Components. Venkel's extensive product lineup encompasses a wide range of electronic components, including Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Choke Coils, Ferrite Beads, Inductors, Resistors, Thermistors, and comprehensive Engineering Kits.

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Venkel components are used for a wide range of applications in industrial and consumer electronics, computers, telecommunication, aerospace and automotive industries.

Venkel's Products:

  • Ceramic Capacitors:Venkel offers a diverse selection of Ceramic Capacitors designed to meet the demands of various electronic applications, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional electrical characteristics.

  • Tantalum Capacitors:Venkel's Tantalum Capacitors are known for their high capacitance values, stability, and compact size, making them ideal for modern electronic devices.

  • Choke Coils:Venkel's Choke Coils provide effective filtering and noise suppression, essential for maintaining signal integrity in electronic circuits.

  • Ferrite Beads:Venkel's Ferrite Beads offer superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression, crucial for achieving reliable electronic system performance.

  • Inductors:Venkel's Inductors are designed for power storage, filtering, and energy conversion, catering to a wide range of applications.

  • Resistors:Venkel's Resistors are precision-engineered to provide accurate resistance values, ensuring optimal circuit functionality.

  • Thermistors:Venkel's Thermistors offer precise temperature sensing and control capabilities, making them valuable in temperature-sensitive applications.


Venkel components find applications across diverse industries, including:

  • Industrial Electronics:Venkel 'scomponents are integral in various industrial applications, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • Consumer Electronics:From smartphones to home appliances, Venkel components contribute to the functionality of everyday devices.

  • Computers:Venkel provides components used in computing systems, guaranteeing efficient operation and data processing.

  • Telecommunications:Venkel components play a vital role in telecommunication equipment, ensuring seamless connectivity.

  • Automotive:Venkel components are used in automotive electronics, enhancing vehicle performance and safety.

Venkel is committed to delivering top-notch products that meet the needs of our customers across a wide range of industries. With Venkel's extensive experience and dedication to quality, Venkel is your partner for reliable and high-performance Surface Mount Components. Contact us today to explore our product offerings and how we can assist you in your electronic component needs.