AMP / Tyco

AMP Incorporated / TE Connectivity

AMP Incorporated, founded in 1941, developed a solderless method of attaching electrical terminals to wire which improved connection consistency and manufacturing efficiency. For over fifty years, AMP dominated the connector industry and was the leading maker of terminals, connectors and related products – components which could be found in virtually any finished electronic device (from toasters to supercomputers).

AMP offers a broad range of high quality electronic component products. AMP offers solutions for OEM applications, utility/energy, outside plant and premise networking installations and more. Products from well-known brand names include connectors/interconnection systems, solderless terminals, electronic modules, circuit protection devices, I.C. sockets, wireless components, sensors, printed circuit boards, and application tooling.

AMP Incorporated is now part of TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity / AMP is the world’s leading supplier of electrical, electronic, and fiber optic connectors and interconnection systems. TE Connectivity AMP, formerly Tyco Electronics AMP is the world’s leader in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of electronic/electrical connectors and interconnection systems. Products range from terminals and splices to sophisticated high speed printed circuit board connectors and IC sockets, to USB and Circular Connectors.

Tyco Electronics, now known as TE Connectivity, is a well-known global technology company that specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of connectivity and sensor solutions. Tyco Electronics underwent a rebranding process and officially became TE Connectivity in 2011. The company produces various types of connectors, including those used in electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial applications.

  1. Product Range:

    • Electronic Connectors: TE Connectivity offers a diverse range of electronic connectors, including board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, and circular connectors. These connectors are used in electronic devices and equipment for establishing electrical connections between different components.

    • Automotive Connectors: TE Connectivity provides connectors specifically designed for the automotive industry. These connectors are used in various automotive applications, such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, engine control units, sensors, and lighting systems.

    • Aerospace and Defense Connectors: TE Connectivity manufactures connectors for aerospace and defense applications, where reliability and durability are critical. These connectors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure secure electrical connections in aviation and military equipment.

    • Fiber Optic Connectors: TE Connectivity offers a range of fiber optic connectors for high-speed data transmission. These connectors are used in telecommunications, data centers, and other applications requiring fast and reliable optical communication.

  2. Industry Solutions:

    • TE Connectivity serves a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, data communications, automotive, industrial, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Their connectors are used in diverse applications, reflecting the company's commitment to providing solutions for various market segments.
  3. Customization and Design Support:

    • TE Connectivity often collaborates with customers to provide customized connector solutions based on their specific requirements. The company may offer design and engineering support to ensure that the connectors meet the unique needs of different applications.
  4. Innovation and Technology:

    • TE Connectivity is known for its commitment to innovation and leveraging advanced technologies in connector design. The company continuously invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of connector technology.
  5. Quality and Compliance:

    • TE Connectivity adheres to high-quality standards in the design and manufacturing of its connectors. The company's products typically comply with industry standards and regulations relevant to the specific application or market.
  6. Global Presence:

    • TE Connectivity operates globally, with a presence in various countries and regions. The company's extensive distribution network allows it to serve customers around the world.