Exascend – Active Components

ExAscend LogoExascend was established in 2006 by a group of engineers with deep experience in solid-state storage that recognized the need for specialized flash storage solutions across market segments where standard SSDs cannot fulfill application requirements. Exascend’s passion is to create value-added, fully customizable, specialized SSDs that unlock the maximum potential of applications and bring innovation into reality.

Since its founding, Exascend have accumulated over 45 U.S. and worldwide patents on SSD technology and firmly established itself as a global innovation leader in flash storage solutions. Exascend engineers imagination to innovation with intelligent flash storage solutions and industry-leading technologies. Exascend is a team of storage industry veterans who had a vision of a better storage provider. Combining technology leadership with a passion for innovation and service, they created Exascend – a total storage solutions provider uniquely committed to its customers and solving the storage challenges of the future.

ExAscend productsExascend's hardware and firmware solutions set them apart from the competition. Unlike other companies that simply combine off-the-shelf components and call it a day, Exascend takes a unique approach. Exascend has full control over the design and development of their products, creating innovative technologies from scratch. This level of control allows us to optimize Exascend's products to achieve the best possible outcomes. Exascend carefully selects materials and write firmware source code at the deepest levels, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

Exascend’s partnership with Marvell combines the best controllers in the industry with Exascend's hardware expertise and industry-leading firmware design. This strategic partnership allows them to squeeze out every last drop of performance from their SSD controllers while enjoying flexibility to create new technologies.

Exascend's experience in developing enterprise-class and industrial-grade storage products gives them a significant edge in tackling the world’s most demanding storage applications. For instance, Exascend's cinematography products combine extreme sustained performance with industrial ruggedness, delivering unparalleled cinematography performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Exascend Inc. is a leading global provider of industrial-grade and enterprise-class flash storage solutions optimized for applications that demand top-level performance and unwavering stability. Exascend's product portfolio includes high-capacity industrial SSDs, industrial-grade legacy SATA-III storage, ultra-low latency enterprise storage solutions, and more.