JKL ComponentsJKL Components is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, DC-AC inverters, LEDs, ultraviolet lamps, miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories. They offer a wide selection of standard lamps and sockets. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and consistently high levels of customer service and support.

JKL Components Corporation offers LED, fluorescent, incandescent and ultra-violet technologies. A wide assortment of standard products are available for fast delivery and technical support is available for customized requirements. Products include components, sockets and replacement lights as well as assembled linear systems. JKL serves the architectural, signage, gaming, aerospace, display and automotive markets and is ISO 9001 registered.



Incandescent Lamps
JKL Components offers a large selection of traditional miniature and sub-miniature bulbs. Through Board, Surface Mount and standard socket-mating designs are available. Our standard selection includes lamps for automotive dashboards, re-manufacturing, gaming, aerospace, consoles and vintage audio equipment. A selection of colored filter caps and mating sockets are available from stock. Custom lamp and socket and filter formulations can be made to meet specific application requirements.

Fluorescent Lamps
JKL offers a large selection of cold cathode fluorescent and ultraviolet lamps ranging from 2mm-4mm diameter and 25mm-600mm in length. Lamps can be purchased with wire leads or in assemblies to include additional wires, connectors and accessories. Specific sizes and phosphors can be produced to meet precise design requirements. Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps (CCFL) are widely used in LCD backlighting, image scanning and task lighting. The miniature ultraviolet lamps are available in UVA, UVB and UVC and are commonly used for document security, scientific instruments, environmental test equipment, and sterilization applications.

JKL offers an assortment of DC to AC inverters which are commonly used with Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps. These are available for 6, 12 or 24 Volt inputs with options for single or dual output. Inverters for Electroluminescent (EL) illumination are also available. Contact JKL for assistance with selecting the appropriate inverter for your desired application.

LED Lamps
JKL offers a large assortment of surface mount and based LEDs that are suitable for new designs or replacement of traditional lighting technology. Both standard and custom designs are offered to include a wide variety of colors, intensities and mounting schemes. These LEDs are popularly used in switches, indicators and display lighting.

Specialty Lamps
JKL offers specialized kits, ideal for engineering and research centers, and accessories which are companion products for our extensive line of lighting technologies. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact JKL.

Automotive Lamps
As a supplier to the automotive industry for over 35 years, JKL offers a wide variety of interior bulbs for automotive production and remanufacturing needs. Specific uses include dashboard instrument clusters, HVAC, PRNDL, Switch and Radio illumination. JKL offers a broad range of mounting configurations and colors to meet specific needs. A selection of automotive lamps are available however, if you do not see the lamp that you are looking for, please inquire. Many items are available in small quantities while others may require a larger minimum order.

Featured JKL Components Products

  • Visible LEDs Visible LEDs
  • LED Indicator Lamps LED Indicator Lamps
  • Lampholders Lampholders
  • Lighting Connectors Lighting Connectors
  • Automotive LED Lamps Automotive LED Lamps
  • Indicator Lampholders Indicator Lampholders
  • LED Linear Arrays LED Linear Arrays
  • LED Holders LED Holders
  • LED Cables LED Cables
  • LED Flexible Arrays LED Flexible Arrays

Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG QTY
1224 JKL Components 1224 Lamps Dble Contact Bayonet 34V .16A 3.8MSCP JKL Components 0.00
DA613 JKL DA613 Axial Lamp with Leads 12V .055A T-1 1/4 JKL Components 210.00
MS24515-718 JKL Components MS24515-718 Incandescent Lamp 5V 0.12A 0.6W JKL Components 50.00
2964-8B JKL 2964-8B SOCKET LAMP T-3 1/4 PUSH IN HOUSING JKL Components 0.00
193. 193 JKL Lamp 14V T3.25 Wedge JKL Components 10.00
Z-T55-G Z-T55-G JKL Slide Based LED - Green T5.5 JKL Components 0.00
2182 2182 JKL Lamp T-1 3/4 Wire Terminal 14V JKL Components 0.00
GF780 GF780 JKL Components Lamps 12V 9.00 lm C-8 Fuse Style Lamp JKL Components 0.00
2910F-42 2910F-42 JKL Components Lamp Holder, 42mm JKL Components 0.00
2948-6G 2948-6G JKL Components Wedge Lamp Holder JKL Components 0.00
ZRS-8480-CW ZRS-8480-CW JKL Components LED Light Bar, Cool White, 12 V, 480 mm JKL Components 0.00
GF665 GF665 JKL Components Lamps 8V 3.14 lm C-8 Fuse Style Lamp JKL Components 0.00
LE-BA15D-12WW LE-BA15D-12WW JKL Components Double-Bayonet Base 15D Multi-Chip LED JKL Components 0.00
LE-BA15S2.5-12CW LE-BA15S2.5-12CW JKL Components Double-Bayonet Base 15D Multi-Chip LED JKL Components 0.00
LE-BA15S-12WW LE-BA15S-12WW JKL Components LED Lamp 12V JKL Components 0.00
LE-BA9S-24W LE-BA9S-24W JKL Components 24V Bayonet Based LED JKL Components 0.00
LE-BA9S-6W LE-BA9S-6W JKL Components 6V Bayonet Based LED JKL Components 0.00
1683 1683 JKL S-8 Lamp 28V Bayonet Based JKL Components 0.00
Z-G4-12WW Z-G4-12WW JKL Components LED Lamp 12V 2Pin JKL Components 0.00
Z-G4-9WW Z-G4-9WW JKL Components Multichip LED 2Pin JKL Components 0.00
CW590FL/2904VF/GRA CW590FL/2904VF/GRA JKL Components LED 5V T-1 2-Pin JKL Components 0.00
SHR-05V-S-B SHR-05V-S-B JST Connector Housing 5 Positions 1 Row JKL Components 0.00
SMP-03V-BC SMP-03V-BC JST Connectors Housing Plug 3 Position JKL Components 0.00