New Jersey Semiconductors

NJS (New Jersey Semiconductors)Established in 1957, New Jersey Semiconductors has been producing and manufacturing highly reliable discrete devices to Military, Avionics, Industrial and Commercial markets around the World. New Jersey Semi-Conductor offers a broad line of JEDEC/EAI type semiconductors, as well as original Japanese types and a general replacement line. It specializes in the manufacture of all Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) type products, such as zener diodes, rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, SCR’s, transistors, and European types of both diodes and transistors.

New Jersey Semi specializes in vast array of Zener diodes, Rectifiers, and Field Effect Transistors (FETS), Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS), Unijunctions, Bridges, and European types as well as many other devices types.

NJS productsWith over 50 years of experience and on site engineering and technical support, New Jersey Semi-Conductor is committed to providing superior service, quality, and reliability. New Jersey Semi-Conductor’s library of current production and End of Life devices and Just In Time deliveries has set New Jersey Semi-Conductor apart from competitors.

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