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Associated Components Technology, Inc. ACT is a manufacturer of electronic inductors, coils, chokes, transformers and other magnetics, components that produce the characteristic of inductance in printed circuit boards. ACT manufactures both surface mount and conventional through hole types.

ACT specializes in ultra fast turnaround of large production quantities. ACT understands that in many industries, product lifecycles are much too short for long component lead times. So instead of deliveries 12, 16 or even 20 weeks from now, ACT offers you quantity in six weeks and often less. With many years of magnetics design experience, ACT’s engineers will develop a product to meet your specific requirements or will innovate a new design to help expand your circuit possibilities.

ACT serves more than 200 OEM, CEM, EMS and design engineering customers, ranging from emerging companies to some of the largest electronics manufactuerers in the world. In all cases ACT strives to provide the highest quality and reliability, coupled with unparalleled service, at competitive prices.

Inductors are one of the most important components in electronics. Commonly used to store energy, they can also be used as RF chokes. As current passes through an inductor, it creates a magnetic field around the coil. The strength of this magnetic field represents the stored energy. The measure of an inductor’s ability to store energy is called inductance, measured in Henries (H) and represented by the letter L.

Associated Components Technology ACT inductors


  • Power Transformer
  • Inductor
  • Power Inductor
  • Common Mode Choke
  • Flyback Transformer
  • Voltage Transformer
  • Chip Inductor
  • Ferrite Bead
  • Ferrite Coil
  • Toroids
  • RF Inductors
  • EMI Suppressors