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AUK ConnectorsWith 34 years of expertise, AUK specializes in providing a diverse range of connector, cable, and metal stamping solutions to various industries.

AUK offers top-notch electrical connectors, including:

AUK Connectors is a company with over 34 years of experience specializing in providing a wide range of connector, cable, and metal stamping solutions to various industries. They offer a diverse selection of high-quality electrical connectors, including 1394 Connectors, Adaptor Connectors, Centronic Connectors, DC Jack / Power Jack Connectors, Din/Mini Din Connectors, D-SUB Connectors, DVI / HDMI Connectors, EarPhone Jack Connectors, Memory Card / PCMCIA, Modular Plug&Jack, RCA Jack, RF / Micro Wave Connectors, SCSI/VHDCI Connector, SFP, Smart Card / SIM Card, USB / Mini USB, and more.

  • 1394 Connectors
  • Adaptor Connectors
  • Centronic Connectors
  • DC Jack / Power Jack Connectors
  • Din/Mini Din Connectors
  • D-SUB Connectors
  • DVI / HDMI Connectors
  • EarPhone Jack Connectors
  • Memory Card / PCMCIA
  • Modular Plug&Jack
  • RCA Jack
  • RF / Micro Wave Connectors
  • SCSI/VHDCI Connector
  • SFP
  • Smart Card / SIM Card
  • USB / Mini USB

AUK Connectors is known for its commitment to quality, with a focus on meeting industry standards and certifications. They have established themselves as a reliable source for connectors and related components. Additionally, they work with authorized distributors like IBS Electronics, who are ISO 9001:2008 certified, to ensure customers receive the best prices and the highest level of quality assurance when purchasing AUK Connectors products.
AUK Catalog

  • AUK Catalog- Input-Output
  • AUK Catalog- Board to Wire & Wire to Wire
  • AUK Catalog- Board to Board
  • AUK Catalog- Package to Board
  • AUK Catalog- Other Connectors

IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor of AUK Connectors. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components, IBS Electronics ensures the best prices on AUK Connectors and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

AUK's product catalog includes categories such as Input-Output, Board to Wire & Wire to Wire, Board to Board, Package to Board, and Other Connectors. This comprehensive range of connectors caters to various applications and needs within the electronics and manufacturing industries.