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Methode Electronics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets components and subsystem devices worldwide. Methode Electronics designs, manufactures and markets devices employing electrical, electronic, wireless, safety radio remote control, sensing and optical technologies to control and convey signals through sensors, interconnections and controls. Its business is managed on a segment basis, with those segments being Automotive, Interconnect, Power Products and Other. Its Automotive segment supplies electronic and electromechanical devices, and related products to automobile original equipment manufacturers. Methode Electronics operates manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.  Major market areas concentrated are Power and Data, Sensors, Switches and Electronic Interfaces.  Methode Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and now employing over 2,800 people, Methode has been an innovative leader throughout their entire history and have obtained over 300 technology and application patents.  Below are listed product categories and components;

   Interface Products:
  •       Automotive and Transportation
  •       Custom User Interface
  •       Standard User Interface
  •       Radio Remote Controls
   Power Products:
  •       Bus Bars
  •       Power Cabling
  •       Subassembly Services
  •       Thermal Management
  •       PowerRail
  •       Power Connectors
  •       Power Contacts
  •       Power PCBs
   Data Products:
  •       Data Center Infrastructure Solutions
  •       EMI Receptacles
  •       Automated Intelligent Solutions
  •       Design and Installation Services
   Sensors and Switches:
  •       State of Charge
  •       Discrete and Analog
  •       Biometric
  •       Force and Load
  •       Speed and Angle
  •       Torque
  •       Level
  •       Linear Position

Methode products include control switches for electrical power and signals, connectors for electrical devices, integrated control components, switches and sensors that monitor the operation or status of a component or system, and packaging electrical components. The company’s Interconnect segment provides various copper and fiber-optic interconnect and interface solutions for the aerospace, appliance, commercial, computer, construction, consumer, material handling, medical, military, mining, networking, storage, and telecommunications markets. Solution Segment includes conductive polymers, connectors, custom cable assemblies, industrial safety radio remote controls, optical and copper transceivers, personal computer and express card packaging and terminators, solid-state field effect interface panels, and thick film inks; and services comprise the design and installation of fiber optic and copper infrastructure systems, and manufacturing active and passive optical components. Its Power Products segment manufactures braided flexible cables, current-carrying laminated bus devices, custom power-product assemblies, high-current low voltage flexible power cabling systems, and powder coated bus bars for aerospace, computers, industrial and power conversion, inverters and battery systems, insulated gate bipolar transistor solutions, military, telecommunications, and transportation markets. The company’s. Other segment designs and manufactures magnetic torque sensing products; and operates independent laboratories that provide services for qualification testing and certification, and analysis of electronic and optical components.