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Raychem Corporation is one of the world’s largest producers of industrial electronics components, serving such industries as aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, medical, and telecommunications, and generating annual sales in excess of one billion dollars. For many of its products, it is the leading supplier; for some, it is the only supplier. Raychem operates in a global economy, with manufacturing, sales, or research and development facilities in 40 countries, offering thousands of products in some 85 countries. In 1992, more than 60 percent of Raychem’s sales and over 50 percent of its employees were outside the United States. Raychem is ranked among the Fortune 500 companies and is one of the top 100 U.S. companies in research and development spending, topping $128 million in 1992. Raychem manufactures over 50,000 different products, each of which is based on some advanced technology likely invented by the company itself.

Raychem Corporation, previously an independent company, was a prominent global provider of specialized electronic components and materials. Founded in 1957 by Paul Cook and a group of scientists, the company was headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Raychem developed a reputation for its innovative technologies and products, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering, materials science, and polymer chemistry.

  1. Innovative Heat-Shrink Technology: Raychem was best known for its pioneering work in heat-shrinkable polymer materials. The company developed a wide range of products based on this technology, including heat-shrink tubing, cable accessories, and solderless connectors. These products found applications in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and construction.

  2. Diverse Product Portfolio: Raychem's product portfolio extended beyond heat-shrink products to encompass materials for wire and cable management, insulation, and protection. Their solutions were crucial for enhancing the performance, safety, and longevity of electrical and electronic systems.

  3. Global Presence: Raychem operated internationally, with manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and research and development centers in multiple countries. This global reach allowed the company to serve a diverse customer base and address specific regional needs.

  4. Acquisitions:In 1999, Tyco International acquired Raychem Corporation. This acquisition was part of Tyco's strategy to expand its presence in the electronics and connectivity sector.

    In 1999, Tyco International acquired Raychem Corporation, a global leader in the production of industrial electronics components. Raychem serves a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, medical, and telecommunications. The company boasts annual sales exceeding one billion dollars, and it holds a leading or exclusive position as a supplier for many of its products. Operating across a global economy, Raychem has a presence in 40 countries, offering a diverse product range in approximately 85 countries. In 1992, the majority of its sales (over 60 percent) and workforce (over 50 percent) were based outside the United States. Raychem is recognized as a Fortune 500 company and stands among the top 100 U.S. firms in research and development spending, with an investment exceeding $128 million in 1992. With a portfolio of over 50,000 distinct products, each often based on proprietary advanced technologies, Raychem has made significant contributions to the field of electronics.