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Thermax / Wire and Cable

Thermax LogoThermax Wire and Cable is an industry leader specializing in the design and production of wire, cable, and associated products. Known for their high-performance offerings, Thermax focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional cable solutions to the military and aerospace sectors. As early as the 1950s, Thermax was a pioneer in employing high-temperature fluoropolymers for wire insulation and cable jacketing, a technology that remains integral to their current manufacturing processes.

Thermax's product portfolio includes a range of high-performance cables tailored to various applications:

  • High-Performance Power and Data Cables
  • High-Performance Coaxial Cables
  • Aerospace Wire and Cable
  • Commercial Wire and Cable
  • Pump & Irrigation Cable
  • Portable Cord & Electrical Products
  • Portable Power Distribution
  • Signal® Low-voltage Wire & Cable

With a focus on quality and innovation, Thermax continues to lead the industry in providing reliable and efficient wire and cable solutions across multiple sectors.

The manufacturing facility in Nogales, Mexico is COS Silver certified, ISO 13485-2003 and AS9100:IS09001 C certified and meets CSA standards. Thermax's extensive harsh environment, high-performance wire & cable product line servicing the commercial aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Thermax complimented Carlisle’s extensive range of mil-spec and OEM specification wire & cable as well as designs for specialty applications. Thermax’s capabilities include extrusion of high-temperature fluoropolymer materials such as PTFE, ETFE, and FEP among others.

Who is Thermax?

Thermax is a manufacturer of high-performance wire and cable. They use the most advanced technology to provide high-performance cables to the military and aerospace industries.

In the 1950s, Thermax pioneered the use of high-temperature fluoropolymers in wire insulation and cable jacketing. They still use this technology today in the manufacturing of their high-performance wire and cable solutions. In 2012, the Thermax brand was bought by Carlisle Interconnect Technologies.

What products does Thermax manufacture?

Thermax manufactures high-performance power and data cables, high-performance coaxial cables, aerospace wire and cable, and commercial wire and cable.
Thermax wires

IBS Electronics distributes several Thermax products including:

  • High-Temperature Wire
  • Mil-Spec and Aerospace Wire and Cable
    • M16878/4 Type E Wire
    • M16878/5 Type EE Wire
    • M22759/11 Wire
    • M22759/16 Wire
    • M27500 Wire
  • Coaxial Cable
    • RG 179
    • RG 187
    • RG 188
    • RG 316
    • RG 393
    • M17/176-00002